June 15, 2019

hydrangeas and roses from the garden

Happy Saturday! Today I’m sharing a little on my garden, which I know for some of you may be a little bit of a snooze fest, but, believe me, the outcome will be enjoyed by most of you, haha!

Beautiful garden flowers brought into the house create simple impromptu arrangements. I spent so much money last year on flowers every time I went to Trader Joe’s, that the practical side of me got to thinking, “why not plant more hydrangeas and roses in my own garden?”

Hydrangeas from the garden in a cane wrapped vase

Wouldn’t it be just fabulous to go out into the garden and just cut a few pretty blooms to bring into the house? 

Well, it just so happens that last fall we had to replace a large stretch of our back yard fence, which meant tearing out tons of overgrown and weedy honeysuckle vines and other meaningless plants. 

We now had a blank canvas of prime garden space that instantly became sunnier with the removal of all those invasive vines. I knew I wanted to plant roses, herbs and another small lemon tree as the focal point of the space.

I helped design this curved garden gate with a custom wrought iron peeping window and interesting round black iron handle. The iron window piece is a vintage little goody that I found at the Tustin Flea Market months earlier.

The paint I used was a hodgepodge of leftover blue paint from Farrow & Ball, a lime wash that I was experimenting with and then a little accent of wisteria paint for good measure! 

The color scheme, like the rest of my garden became purple, blue, pink and white with a little yellow accent from the lemons when they’re fruiting.

This is one of my favorite ornaments in the garden, a dainty little lady embellished with a seashell necklace, all found while thrifting, of course! She's surrounded by white begonias and succulents.

Tons of foxgloves were necessary for that cottage look I had in mind. They’re so cute and do make fun cut flowers too!

Here’s a simple little arrangement I made for my friend Heather. All I used was a variety of roses in that simple color palette of white, pinks and purple.

In fact the purple rose is one of my favorites. It’s a Downton Abbey rose, of all things! And this one’s named “Violet’s Pride” after Maggie Smith’s hilarious character.

All the roses I planted were old-fashioned English garden roses, and most of them have that cabbage rose look, that I absolutely love!

These roses are just starting to bloom and will open up to that full cabbage look that’s so charming.

So yesterday morning when I woke up, I went out to the garden for a look and ended up cutting these pink Gertrude Jekyll roses and some more of the violet ones for a simple little arrangement in the breakfast room.

Not only do they brighten the whole room, but they smell amazing too! 

Oh, and the hydrangeas, well I went a little crazy planting those this past spring too. You can never have too many hydrangeas in my book! 


And for my recent photo shoot with Cottages and Bungalows I ended up buying five more Hydrangea plants, two blue ones and three white ones. 

I probably have to plant them this weekend! I know Dugan will help me. Here he is on the stenciled floor near the shed that I painted last year and surrounded by lavender, another great flower for cutting. 

ciao! fabiana

Shopping information:

Click on photos for direct link


June 14, 2019

a coastal inspired magazine photo shoot

with  Cottages  and  Bungalows      

Backyard seating area near the shed.

Happy friday, y’all!

I wanted to make sure I checked back in with you guys to share some behind-the-scenes pics from Monday’s photo shoot with Cottages and Bungalows.

Beverage station which also doubles as my garden work station.

The theme of the day was Coastal Style, as this is earmarked for next year’s Cottages & Bungalows Coastal issue, which is technically the August/September issue, but comes out in June!

In fact the 2019 issue is due out next week, but our photos are for next summer’s issue.  

Close-up of the beverage station.

Vintage glasses, napkins, lemons, limes, pineapple, juices and even a pot of basil are on hand to get the party started. 

The coastal-inspired tablescape in the breakfast room.

Here’s the blue and white table I set using some of my favorite plates and linens. Those fun vintage placemats are probably my favorites that I’ve collected over the years!

And, I added a little pop of green to the table at the last minute for a little something different. 

Jickie and Brett checking out the shot.

It takes a lot of patience to get the shot just right!

The outdoor table under the olive tree and next to the fire pit. 

We set up a little charcuterie board here at the outdoor table and also added beverages to the fun South Seas Cart. Lemons always add that desired shot of color!

Sammie doing a little modeling on the front porch.

The afternoon heatwave on Monday inspired us to set up a little table on the front porch that included cool watermelon and a pitcher of iced tea.

We gave Dugan a try first, but he didn't look too happy

After Dugan turned out to be a mediocre model, we gave Sammie a chance and she did great!

The "Ciao" hat from Lisa!

My friend Lisa had this “Ciao” hat custom made for me a few years ago, and I just love it! It's so perfect for a hot day! 

Jickie loved my matilija poppies that tower over our heads! 

Both Jickie and Kelly were enthralled by these huge matilija poppies. You can see them growing behind the black gate, and we thought they'd look cute with the watermelon on the table.

The cute way Kelly styled the poppies when she got home.

The garden gate brightened up with my favorite blue hydrangeas.

The last shot of the day was the gate, decorated by more of my favorite blue hydrangeas that were sitting in this fun hanging basket I found at World Market. These kinds of baskets just look so adorable on a front door or gate!

So it'll be a whole year until we get to see the official photos in print, and I hope you enjoyed this little preview! If you have any questions on the tableware, linens or other accessories, just leave me a comment. 

Happy weekend!😃

ciao! fabiana

For shopping info on this cute front door basket

click here. 

Door Basket from World Market

For shopping info on this fun pennant,

click here

C'est la Vie Pennant from McGee & Co. 

June 13, 2019

my favorite addition to the backyard...

the south seas side cart         

When school’s out for summer, I love spending most of my time in the backyard barbecuing with the family, entertaining friends, and enjoying quiet dinners in the cool shade of our outdoor dining area.  

With all those warm-weather requirements, my Serena & Lily South Seas Side Cart and I are ready to handle all my outdoor entertaining needs!

We experienced a little bit of a heatwave earlier this week and it’s been so nice having this handy dandy cart to transport tableware and food from the kitchen to our alfresco dining area.

Not only is it convenient, but look at how cute it is! The fun coastal style is all you need as an inspiration point for any simmer gathering. It definitely sets the tone for any party!

Paired with some adorable napkins, my favorites are these gingham ones, and brightly colored glassware, it’s definitely easy to create the backyard fiesta of your dreams!

Preview of our Cottages and Bungalows magazine photo shoot

Monday was a super fun day for me because we shot a magazine spread for Cottages and Bungalows magazine’s Coastal issue for 2020, so we of course included the South Seas Side Cart in our styling of my outdoor dining area near the fire pit.    

Preview of our Cottages and Bungalows magazine photo shoot

It’s so handy for holding all those extra essential like drinks, plates and lemons… gotta have lots of lemons!  

Here’s an up-close look at my favorite backyard accessory of the summer. 

BTW, it's not made to withstand the elements outdoors, so I do bring it into the house when I'm not using it.

And you know what? In the house, it’s also so cute as an end table next to a sofa or as a nightstand! It’s sturdy enough to hold a lamp, a few books and more!

Here’s a selection of my Serena & Lily faves that are featured in these photos…

1. The always classic Riviera Side Chair (click here) are perfect indoors or out.

2. My favorite Gingham Napkins (click here) that you’ve seen me style for a Christmas tablescape and also for an unexpected pop of pattern at my Valentine’s Day table.

3. The super cozy Mendocino Linen Throw (click here), also great for indoor- outdoor use.

4. And of course, the South Seas Side Cart (click here). It’s the smallest of the South Seas Carts, and oh so handy!

And now ENJOY 20 % OFF Serena & Lily
 outdoor items with the code BREEZY

ciao! fabiana

I'll have more on our Cottages and Bungalows magazine 
photo shoot on the blog tomorrow!

Disclaimer:  I do receive some Serena & Lily items for free and all opinions are truly my own.

June 12, 2019

rejuvenation: hardware, lighting and more!

Have you ever received the Rejuvenation catalog? It’s one that I’ve loved for quite a few years, especially during times when we were renovating different areas of our home.

I’ve always appreciated their “classic approach to design.” They feature timeless pieces that feel like they’re steeped in history. You're very likely to find the perfect accent light or drawer pulls to capture the essence of your design at Rejuvenation. 

They’re known as a classic American hardware and lighting shop, kind of like a modern day general store, but their roots go back to 1971 when they specialized in restoring gorgeous architectural salvage and antique items.

In fact, when we totally remodeled our kitchen ten years ago, I chose the simple Rose City pendant to go over my sink, and I still love it! I originally chose a frosted and fluted glass shade, but years later when I wanted to update it with clear glass, it was easy to swap out! 

Well the GREAT news is that Rejuvenation has opened a store right here in Costa Mesa at SoCo Design Center

Here’s a little preview of some of my favorite pieces styled by amazing designers and a glimpse into the fabulous new SoCo Rejuvenation showroom.

the SoCo Rejuvenation Showroom

ciao! fabiana

photos by: Rejuvenation on instagram and facebook

p.s.  check back later this week when I share
the behind the scenes view of our Cottages & Bungalows
magazine shoot from Monday!


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