March 1, 2014

love my new leopard pillows

I just got my beautiful leopard and tiffany blue pillows that
we had custom oredered a few weeks back.

Marion and I selected the fabrics a few weeks ago,
and she worked her magic with the rest.

We’re still awaiting the linen slipcover
and bolsters for the daybed.

I can’t wait for the whole look to be complete! 

I love how the leopard looks
with the antique French mirror!

ciao! fabiana

fun kitchen chairs from ikea

The Tobias chair or "ghost chair" 
from IKEA is so versatile, 
and perfect for a kitchen or dining area. 

I love this chair juxtaposed with this rustic kitchen!  

It's so simple and clean in a modern or traditional room.

They really lighten up a space...

and go with all styles of decor.

They're pretty comfortable too!

Don't they look great with this classic round marble table?

I got one for my son's desk in his room 
and I'm thinking of adding a few to my kitchen! 

ciao! fabiana

February 23, 2014

the downton abbey finale tonight!

The seasons of Downton Abbey seem to just fly by!
Will we find out tonight 
the fate of Lady Edith's baby daddy,
a love for Lady Mary,
or Bate's whereabouts on the day
of the creepy valet's suspicious death?  

I’ll be watching with "Bated" breath!  

Tell me what you think will happen… 

ciao! fabiana


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