August 29, 2022

farmhouse style for fall


Country Sampler Farmhouse Style for Autumn has arrived! It’s filled with pages and pages of fabulous fall inspiration. That means my absolute favorite season kind-of unofficially starts in a few days when the calendar hits September.


Yes, it’s all about muted fall tones, crunchy autumn leaves, cozy throws and that all important pumpkin!


So today I’m sharing some of my favorite highlights and details about the projects I’ve contributed to this issue.


My fall mantel from a few years back is highlighted in an article called “Give you Fireplace More Style.”


You can see how we updated the stark brick look with the addition of shiplap. I love the warmth and texture it now adds to the room as the sole focal point of our large family room.


My friend and contractor George is wiz with these types of projects, and you can see how he prepped the space to enable attaching the shiplap.


After he was done, I finished off the mantel wall with a couple of coats of the same white paint as the mantel. The material we used was Windsor One which comes pre-primed to save time!

I absolutely love how it looks, especially with our special portrait of my husband's great-grandmother Nell.


Pumpkins are one of my absolute components of Autumn. They are just so darn cute and festive, and now-a-days they come in all sorts of beautiful colors and shapes.


I love getting inspiration for new decorating ideas for pumpkins and starting on page 84 with an article called “13 Pumpkins with Panache”, there are loads of new ideas!


My contribution is #6 with my white “Barnyard Silhouette” pumpkins. 

Originally, I was going to go for cats, bats, and owls for this look, but we decided to do farmyard critters, which I think is even more fun for this farmhouse style issue.


Rosemary Apricot Garlic Pork Tenderloin 

“Slow-Cooker Specialties” has all the right ingredients and recipes for cozy fall dining. My "Rosemary Apricot Garlic Pork Tenderloin" is a recipe I’ve been making for over 20 years, but recently just started cooking in my slow-cooker, or crock pot.


The blend of ingredients is magical when they’re all combined, and I just love the gravy that’s created in the mix that’s perfect for serving with rice or mashed potatoes.


I’ve even made this recipe with chicken before and it’s also equally yummy!


Sticky Toffee Pudding


Have you ever had “Sticky Toffee Pudding”? It’s actually a lot healthier than its sounds, as it contains dates as it’s main ingredient, not chocolate. Don't let that put you off, because dates add the most delicate sweetness to this cake.


It looks like a chocolate dessert, but it’s not. This is actually an old-fashioned English dessert, that can easily be made in your slow-cooker.


I have to honestly say, this is the MOST amazing dessert I’ve ever made. 

The depth of flavor with the addition of pumpkin pie spices and orange zest makes this perfect for fall, but also perfect for the Christmas holidays, when it’s traditionally served.


This simple corner table just struck me as simple beautiful! I love the rustic table and chairs, and the carefree way the sunflowers are displayed in these over-sized glass bottles.


An example of just one of the many beautiful farmhouse style homes included in this issue.



ciao! Fabiana


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You can check out some of my favorites here at Tablescaping Essentials*. 





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August 25, 2022

favorite table linens & gifts on sale!

save 30% off sitewide!        

Gayatri Olive Placemat, Runner & Napkin

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Pacific & Rose is offering 30% off all items on their website during a fabulous weekend sale that starts on FRIDAY.

The sale is effective August 26 - August 28, 2022, just use the code FALL30 at checkout.


This includes brand new patterns and products that I recently photographed, so since you’re here, I’d love to show you the new fall table linens, robes, aprons and accessories.


Gayatri Olive Tablecloth & Olive Buti Napkins

The new fall collection includes 2 new major patterns in 3 colorways each, with the addition of 3 Buti pattern options.


Elizabeth has introduced a brand-new elegant pattern called Umbria, in Sapphire Blue, Mustard and Olive.


Gayatri, one of my favorite patterns, is back with new colors that include Blue, Peacock and Olive.


Now stay with me… the Gayatri pattern also has a mini print called Buti that coordinates perfectly with the larger print.


Gayatri Olive Tablecloth & Olive Buti Napkins

What’s most fun about all these patterns is that they’re easy to mix and match with the other new Pacific & Rose patterns, or with ones you've previously purchased. 

I’ll show you some of my favorite looks.


Gayatri Olive Tablecloth & Olive Umbria Napkins

These tablecloths are perfect for setting beautiful tables with the matching napkins, but I want to show you how a little variety can also be fun.

As you can see above, I’ve paired the Gayatri Olive Tablecloth with the Umbria Green Napkins for a tone-on-tone look. 

Soft green hydrangeas and scented geranium leaves really pick up on the pretty greens in the patterns of the table linens.


Gayatri Olive Tablecloth & Blue Buti Napkins

Another interesting look is to use the Gayatri Olive Tablecloth with the Blue Buti Napkins. If I were to set this table again, I would use pretty blue glassware to pick up on the blue in the napkins.


Gayatri Peacock Tablecloth & Peacock Buti Napkins

Switching over to the Gayatri Peacock Tablecloth, shown here with the coordinating Buti Print Napkin also in this lovely peacock color.


I think this teal color is soooo pretty for fall, and I’m planning to use it with pumpkins and autumn florals. Stay tuned for that look!


Umbria Sapphire Blue Placemat, Runner & Napkin

Umbria Sapphire Blue is a timeless color when paired with crisp white, and this tone of blue really pops, but in the softest way, if that makes sense.


This look can go from coastal to traditional to cottage farmhouse with the addition of accessories you can personalize to your own taste.


Gayatri Blue Tablecloth and Belita Napkins

Next, we have Gayatri Blue as the dramatic backdrop to this table with the classic Belita Napkin that picks up the blue and the swirling patterns of this hand block-printed floral pattern.


Gayatri Blue Tablecloth & Matching Napkins

A quick switch brings us back to the matching Gayatri Blue tablecloth and napkins. This makes for a “neutral” backdrop to your centerpiece, sort of like a pair of well-worn blue jeans.


Gayatri Peacock Tablecloth & Olive Buti Napkins

Another look brings out the green of the florals with the addition of the Gayatri Buti Olive Napkins. I love this fresh look!


Umbria Sapphire Blue Tablecloth & Matching Napkins

Umbria Blue Sapphire is also a great backdrop for your florals and table accessories. I love adding a hint of natural textures to all these tables to really bring out the patterns of the table linens against the plates and utensils.


Umbria Sapphire Blue Tablecloth & Mix and Match Umbria Napkins

This is always a fun look when mixing and matching Pacific & Rose’s napkins. Use all the colorways at one table for added interest and drama.

Now's the best time to pick up those extra pieces you really want since everything is 30% off!

Umbria Mustard Tablecloth & Umbria Sapphire Blue Napkins

Make the Umbria Mustard Tablecloth pop with a hit of blue. The addition of lemons and sunflowers from my garden make this look quite effortless and easy to recreate.


Umbria Mustard Tablecloth & Matching Napkins

Quite honestly this look takes my breath away. It reminds me of Italy, and really, it’s this lovely Umbria pattern that's doing all the work. 

The accessories are quite simple, but effective with this gorgeous pattern. Don’t’ you think?


Umbria Mustard Tablecloth & Umbria Olive Napkins

One more little switcharoo with the Umbria Olive Napkins, and we’ve created another fun look.


Gayatri Peacock Placemat, Runner & Napkins

Now let’s talk table runners. All the colors and patterns we’ve just seen are also available in runners. Talk about effortless, the canvas like fabric makes it so easy to just throw down the center of any table and add your place settings.


Here we’re showing the Gayatri Peacock in triple strength with the runner, placemats and napkins.


Gayatri Blue Placemat & Napkin

Let’s get up-close and personal with the Gayatri Blue Placemat and coordinating Buti Blue Napkin. Throw in a fun floral accent for added charm.


Umbria Mustard Runner, Placemat & Napkins

Umbria Mustard across the board for a lovely casual look that everyone will love!


Gayatri Olive Robe 

One special perk about Pacific & Rose’s new patterns is that you can wear them too. Check out this special and oh-so-soft cotton voile robe in Gayatri Olive.


Of course, you must remember it’s also available in blue and peacock as well.


Gayatri Cosmetic Bags 

And we have six options for matching Gayatri Cosmetic Bags, two in each colorway. You get to choose the larger Gayatri floral print and the Gayatri Buti mini-print in blue, olive and peacock.


Don’t’ forget to pick up a few extras for gift giving and they make super-nice stocking stuffers! Just fill them up with your favorite beauty items.


Umbria Sapphire Blue Robe

Now wearing this full-length Umbria print robe is a real luxury. This is the stunning Sapphire Blue option but of course, it’s available in Olive and Mustard too.


Umbria Cosmetic Bags

You can see the color choices here for the Umbria Cosmetic Bags, and  these colors are available in the longer style matching robe too.


Gayatri Peacock Apron

A cute cook is a happy cook, and who wouldn’t feel great in one of these pretty aprons. Available in Peacock (shown here), Blue and Olive. They make the great hostess gifts too.


Gayatri Blue Kitchen Towels

If you’re like me, a beautiful new kitchen towel or two always helps to spruce up the kitchen. These are the perfect weight, similar to a tea towel, and really hold up nicely after washing.


Below you can see all the choices for the new fall line of kitchen towels that coordinate so well with all the lovely table linens I’ve shown you today.


Now here's the important news.... 30% off of everything this weekend only!!

The Brand-New Umbria and Gayatri Kitchen Towels

Pacific & Rose is offering 30% Off all items on their website during a fabulous weekend sale that starts on FRIDAY!


The sale is effective August 26 - August 28, 2022, just use the code FALL30 at checkout.


This includes ALL THE BRAND-NEW items shown in this post, in addition to the classics like Blue Anchor, Indigo Wave, Flower Power and more!


Visit to shop now.

ciao! fabiana



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