June 28, 2014

5 details I love

a great collection of Florentine trays

vibrant flowers in an all white room

a group of vintage bottles simply staged 

oh, how I love leopard and antique gilded mirrors 

a faux bamboo mirror 
brightened up in turquoise...

ciao! fabiana

June 27, 2014

vanity fair

Glamorous and feminine, 
just sitting at a vanity table 
makes you feel pretty.

A simple collection of your 
treasured toiletries is all you need.

Flowers are always a perfect touch.

“A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future
 Coco Chanel

"it's not vanity to feel you have a right to be beautiful."
     Elle Macpherson

ciao,  fabiana

photo credit:  pinterest

patriotic curb appeal


A cheerful bit of red, white and blue 
curb appeal spotted in 

ciao! fabiana

June 25, 2014

weekend visit to Geneva, Illinois

My husband was fortunate enough 
to have been brought up in the 
charming little town of Geneva, Illinois.  
Last weekend, 
he had an opportunity to visit 
his childhood town and friends for a few days.  

I've been there several times, 
but this time I stayed home to be a part of the end-of-the-school-year festivities here in California.  

He knows how much 
I love the architecture, history and curb appeal 
of Geneva, so he photographed 
some of his favorite sites for me, 
and now I get to share them with all of you!  

This first home is called Elizabeth Place 
and was built at the turn of the last century
 by Henry Bond Fargo
who was a a prominent figure in Geneva, 
and also served as mayor.  

Isn't the Mission Revival style intriguing?  


the coach house 

this creek runs through the property

This Victorian  house is in town 
and has a colonial style entrance.

It's right next door to the Garrison's home, 
where they hosted this fun summer party. 

Here's a peek at the inside of 
Mary's eclectic home... 

This is the home where 
"Mr.Ciao" lived his first five years...

and this is his childhood home, 
filled with so many fun memories and adventures.  
His mother grew up in this same house 
and then bought it from her parents 
when she got married!

Here's another gorgeous black and white home...

 This secret grotto in the woods,
is just a short hike away from town.

Secret Shrine
Thanks for the inspiration, honey.  
I can't wait to visit Geneva again!

ciao! fabiana

June 24, 2014

as bold as brass

Have you been noticing the 
reappearance of brass hardware?

  It's so pretty in the kitchen,

especially with white, black or gray

   a classic look

 and I love it with carrara marble


It's so elegant in the bath too>

If you're thinking about changing 
your hardware, consider brass!

ciao! fabiana

June 17, 2014

how they celebrate 4th of july in london


I love the way these girls entertain!
American transplants, Marissa and Juliet throw a 

Sliders, mini lobster rolls and
 fabulous cocktails were served,
as well as an abundance of stylish cupcakes! 

mounds and mounds of patriotic cupcakes

To emulate this look for your next 4th of July party,
add small American flag toppers to your burgers 
and use fun stars and stripes straws for your drinks!

I don't think anyone liked Juliet's outfit

but Marissa looked great

Marissa's fabulous outfit for the day

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:  Marissa Hermer


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