August 16, 2012

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I've been busy getting my
tumblr blog up and running.  
Stop by for a visit....

ciao! fabiana

August 11, 2012

a lovely day off

Gorgeous beach art
 via pinterest.

ciao! fabiana

August 6, 2012

latest Olympic pics of Kate Middleton

Kate just spotted in the perfect
Olympic game ensembles. 

She always has just the right thing to wear!

Perfect hair for a Duchess

ciao! fabiana

for more on Kate at the Olympics, click here.

a stunning beach wedding

Last Saturday, we celebrated the wedding
of a friend and hockey team mate of my husband's.
This gorgeous location in Laguna Beach
was the perfect setting for a summer wedding,
and had gorgeous views of the beach.

After the ceremony,
the guests gathered around for 

cocktails and yummy appetizers.

The three foot tall centerpieces filled
with white orchids, hydrangeas and roses
were the perfect size to keep the
conversation lively at the table.

I love the hanging crystals, too.  
Did you notice the sand and seashells

at the bottom  of the vase?

The ice sculpture actually had
the signature drink of the evening flowing from it.

 It was a really tasty rum and curacao cocktail. 

Here are all the hockey wives in the photo booth.  

The bride & groom danced

their first dance as the sun was setting.  

The cake was almost too pretty to eat,
but of course we did. 

Look at the iridescent sea shells!  

Inside, it was chocolate and strawberry.

I was so excited about the fun candy buffet!  
And it was all sparkly and glittery too!  
Total "eye candy"!

Just the girls being silly at the end of the night with 

the candle cocktails from the table.

ciao! fabiana

August 3, 2012

easy olympic-themed treats

Chocolate Cake with M & M Rings

Just a few cute and colorful
Olympic-themed treats to get your week going!

Olympic Rings Fruit Pizza

Olympic Sugar Cookies

Olympic-Themed Cocktail 

ciao! fabiana

August 1, 2012

kate middleton's olympics fashion

Great taste for fashion and comfort,
Kate always looks great, even at the

ciao! fabiana

for more on Kate, click here.


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