December 15, 2018

shop where the designers shop

There’s a darling little shop here on 17th Street here in our neighborhood called Blue Springs Home that sells the most amazing linens, bedding, pillows and vintage décor.

Blue Springs, Alabama is the small town were shop owner Susan Ellison's mother grew up in... and that’s where the store’s name came from.

Susan’s love of old textiles and linens started at an early age, and her passion led her to share her beautifully curated pieces with all of us at Blue Springs Home.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret… all the local designers shop here. It’s a virtual candy store of gorgeous home accessories and linens.

Susan is a master at mixing patterns and colors, old and new, especially with their unique vintage pillows.

Vintage fabrics from all over the world, including my favorite indigo blues, are gorgeously displayed at Blue Springs Home.

They also carry luxury linen lines that I love like Bella Notte Linens, John Robshaw, Matteo, Libeco Belgian Linen, Abanjá, SDH, Pom Pom, and Les Indiennes.

Don't you just love the variety of patterns and styles?

As an added bonus, they also offer 100% organic fabrics that are especially nice for those who have allergies.

Best of all, customers can be personally styled by Susan and her staff to create a beautifully layered look for your bed or style a unique collection of pillows for your sofa.

If you have a love for fabrics and design like I do, be sure to stop by Blue Springs Home in Eastside Costa Mesa!

369 East 17th Street, Costa Mesa

ciao! fabiana

December 14, 2018

mirrors add extra sparkle to Christmas

Happy Friday! The weekend's here and I wanted to stop in one last time to share a few little snapshots from around the house... 

I love how this mirror in the dining room does double duty in reflecting our dear Christmas tree.

That little extra glimmer of holiday lights is always a bonus, that’s why I love having at least one mirror in each room to bounce back those special twinkly holiday lights.   

One tree is all you need, especially when the sparkly lights are reflected from room to room.

These first three photos are little outtakes from Wednesday's photo shoot with Cottages and Bungalows

Mirrors are all about reflecting light and adding more dimension to a room… that’s why I love using them so much!

This is a little vignette from last year. You can see that extra glow in the background!

How do you like to display decorative mirrors in your home?

ciao! fabiana

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