July 25, 2017

sincerely succulents

Who doesn’t love succulents?

Not only are they pretty,
but they’re so easy to care for!

And speaking of pretty,
it doesn’t get any prettier
than the arrangements and displays
at Roger’s Gardens.

So today,
I’m just sharing some fun
garden inspiration…

with beautiful combinations
of color and texture.

These beauties are truly the gems of the garden. 

My favorite ones have a rosette shape
and hints of pink!

I love the juxtaposition
of the succulents with...

the rustic textures of wood, terracotta and
the gravel paths they
use at Roger’s.

ciao! fabiana

July 21, 2017

the rhony's mexican villa

This week we got to go along to Mexico with 
the women of the Real Housewives of New York,
and get a peek at the gorgeous
seaside villa they stayed in called
Casa La Vida Dulce.

Located in Punta de Mita,
the home features dazzling 
views of the Pacific Ocean,
and is surrounded by
luxurious tropical landscaping and
soft white sandy beaches.


It looks like there are so many fabulous
outdoor areas to lounge around in, relax...

and stir up drama,
in the case of these girls!

Most of the rooms have spectacular
views of the coastline and
the beautiful blue Pacific. 

The décor looks perfect for a vacation spot like this!

The large kitchen is attended to by
a staff of cooks, and other staff members
who are ready to cater and pamper guests.

They also serve margaritas all day long.

By the way,
the “drama” started here
 at the kitchen table 
with the room assignments.

Somehow Ramona and Sonja snuck away
and tried to claim the best room, hahaha!

But their plan backfires
when they're confronted by everyone else...

but they can't let it go and 
go on to become the "Room Bullies" of the trip.

The “discussion” continues at dinner.

And Luann’s wooden leg is filled to the brim…

too many margaritas, Lu!

With all the banter,
I was little distracted by those
cool monogrammed chairs in the dining room!

The bedrooms were pretty amazing too,
and I love how they each had an individual design style.

The room below is the one Luann stayed in,
which she called the Frida Kahlo room

I thought the cutest room was the one
Dorinda chose, but the “Room Bullies” are 
at it again, acting like spoiled brats!

Good for you, Dorinda,
for standing up to these two.

Get out, for heavens sake! 

Which room would you choose?

Well, part two of the Mexico trip
is on next Wednesday.

I've just grown to love the RHONY,
especially with all the amazing real estate,
fashion and parties on the show...

and I am partial to Dorinda, Carole and Sonja.

How about uou?  

After their first day here, 
 yoga sounds like a great idea…

What do you think?

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
La Vida Dulce MX
Villas by Journey Mexico

July 20, 2017

personalizing my home for summer

Do you restyle and refresh your home for each season? 

Well, summer’s definitely here, and it’s probably the easiest season to incorporate into our décor. I love to play up the summer motifs in my own home with fun accessories and other things I love. In my foyer, I’ve created a beach-ready coastal look for summer.

Summer hats are on standby with our favorite beach tote and towels. A rustic sea fan mounted on a distressed wood panel plays nicely with our vintage turquoise hall tree, and an inexpensive Jassa seagrass rug from Ikea brings in another natural element, and can be easily changed out in the fall.

In the family room, I updated one small wall with a few of my favorite blue and white plates mounted in a free-form display. Blue and white decor is a one of my favorite ways to brighten up my home for summer. 

The classic combination of white and vibrant blue reminds me of summertime at the Mediterranean and conjures up visions of the iconic white and blue architecture in Santorini, Greece. Nothing says summer like the blue of the ocean, so why not incorporate it where you can? 

I’ve been collecting plates since I was a teenager. I think I have an innate passion for pretty transferware plates and love to use them to set a lovely table or to accent a wall or vignette. Once in a while I do swap out a few so my collection doesn’t get out of hand. The key is to collect what you love. It’s so fun to play with different patterns and tones of blue, especially for a tablescape

Collecting plates and dishes is a great start way to start collecting blue and white. You can find them virtually anywhere, from estate sales, to Ebay, to Home Goods, to high-end boutiques and department stores. I'm always on the hunt! 

It's really fun to mix and match elements and create that perfect "summer" look.

For this table setting, the casual stripes and gingham remind me of summer picnics and barbecues. A fun succulent arrangement and seashell accented placemats bring to mind fun times spent at the beach. Remember to decorate with what you love and what makes you smile! 

Blue and white is a tried-and-true combination, and so versatile. It can be styled as super-fancy or casual, and it's really a stunning look all year long!  It’s practically a new neutral, like denim. 

The great thing about blue and white is it pairs beautifully with just about any other color. Sunflowers have just come into season here in Southern California, and pairing them with blue and white is a match made in heaven!

If you’re not sure of your sense of style, it’s ok to copy people you admire. There are also great resources, such as Havenly and their group of interior designers, that can help to find your favorites! A little bit of one or two of your favorite designers combined with a little touch of your favorite blogger, and you’ll come through with your own personal style. Just remember to follow your heart!

ciao! fabiana


While I’m here today, I wanted to share some of my "Tablescaping Essentials" with you. I have a whole page on the Amazon website with my favorite picks for setting a beautiful table.

Quite often time is of the essence, and I have last minute projects or events to work on, so I turn to Amazon for one or two day delivery. You’d be surprised at how many amazing items they have to offer! And I'm constantly updating this page with my new favorites. 

You can check it out here, at Tablescaping Essentials.

July 19, 2017

one gorgeous pool house

I just spotted this fabulous pool house
in the latest Sunset Magazine.

I love how the 15 foot long pocket doors
bring the outside in, and how about that
kitchen window that doubles as a poolside bar?

Let's take a better look...

Don’t you love how the window just swings upwards?
It reminds me of a beachside food stand.
The outdoor barstools are by Room & Board.

This setup makes entertaining friends
and family so effortless.

And lets take a look at the inside…

It’s the perfect little kitchen,
all done up with shiplap and I love how the
floors and ceilings mirror each other.

The floors may look like wood,
but it’s actually a porcelain
floor tile that easily stands up to
wet swimmers who walk in and out.
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style="margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin: 0in; text-align: center;">
Those Serena & Lily pendant lights are
quite popular and look perfect in here!

This pool house also doubles as a guest cottage,
and the living space features a murphy bed
behind what looks like cabinet doors.

I love this fun and airy decor,
punctuated by the black windows and doors.

On the floor, 
the Twisted Abaca rug is also 
by Serena & Lily.

This space definitely needs all those natural 
elements brought in with the accessories,
to add a coastal vibe.

Here’s a great design detail,
the designers created a shower that can
be accessed from the inside and
from the outdoor pool area.

What a great idea!

Light and dark shades of 
gray are married perfectly.

And even better, they're using 
black steel and glass doors,
which is such a chic look.

What do you think about the dark exterior color?

I think it works wonderfully
at this project.

This is such a fun party house!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: Sunset Magazine

July 17, 2017

july at roger's gardens

Anytime I get the chance, I stop by Roger’s Gardens
for a little stroll through their amazing and
luxurious nursery just for fun
and a little inspiration!

Today was one of those special days,
where I had a few minutes to wander,
before an appointment.

This rain chain made with stones and
chunks of gorgeous turquoise glass
really caught me attention! 

Some of the vignettes they create
are really breathtaking…

They work wonders with 
succulents and cacti.

These spiny happy cacti are a mix
of the most gorgeous colors…

And this regal lion set against
the amazing green wall was
my favorite little
slice of scenery today.

I hope you enjoy these little

and a few of my favorite garden quotes...

“Garden as though
you will live forever.”

--  William Kent

"No occupation is so delightful
to me as the culture of the earth,
and no culture comparable
to that of the garden."

-- Thomas Jefferson

"The best place to find God
is in a garden.
You can dig for him there."

--   George  Bernard  Shaw

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,
or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." 

--  Abraham Lincoln

“Gardening is learning, learning, learning.
That’s the fun of it.
You’re always learning.”

--  Helen Mirren

“Flowers always make people better, happier,
and more helpful; they are sunshine,
food and medicine for the soul.”
-- Luther Burbank

I hope your Monday was special!

ciao! fabiana


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