April 26, 2014

we have a winner!

Congratulations Angela Smith of South Carolina, 
you are the winner of the 
Turquoise Stripe Palm Springs Scarf!  

Thank you for entering the giveaway. 
Look for a fashionable surprise 
on your doorstep in the next few days! 

And thank you to Cynthia for donating 
the gorgeous Stella and Dot scarf!  

ciao! fabiana

real housewives of new york's jewelry

Have you seen this week's episode of 

I'm a little obsessed with
 Carole, Heather and Kristen's style
of wearing layered jewelry.  

They do it so well!

Look at how they layer
at least 3-5 necklaces and bracelets.

It's a great look for summer!

Such great mixing and matching.

What a fun green dress, Carole!

This look of 
mixing beads and delicate jewelry 
on Kristen is my favorite.

Here's Heather again sporting lots of layers of silver.

Kristen always looks great!

Love the turquoise earrings with the red dress!

Sonja seemed a little stressed out 
with everyone, especially Ramona...

and what about that outfit?!

Do you hide your shoes when you go to a beach  party?

Cute earrings Ramona!

They remind me of these
Seychelles earrings I have 
by Stella & Dot

LuAnn's turquoise necklace is pretty, too.

I'm always drawn to that color!

Behind the scenes beach party photos from Bravo.

One great thing about the housewives shows,
the previews are almost better than the show itself!  
Stay tuned for some pinot tossing next week!

ciao! fabiana

April 25, 2014

my friday five

1. The Newport Beach Film Festival 
started yesterday, and one 
of the many theaters hosting 
the festival is the Lido Theater. 

It's a favorite of mine, 
and was built during the 1930's. 
It has beautiful art deco style 
and a great provenance. 

Here is a little fun bit of history from their page: 

“The Lido Theatre was opened in 1938, and the first film it played was Bette Davis in "Jezebel". The reason for that was that Davis lived nearby in Laguna Beach and traveled by the site daily. Upon stopping onsite, she told the owner "they had better open with my picture." And they did. 

"Davis also is responsible for the sitting parlor in the ladies room that harkens back to a time when women sat and smoked and chatted while arranging makeup in the mirrors.“  

There were lots of interviews on 
the red carpet last night, and 
the Edwards Newport Theater was 
hosting all the fun red carpet festivities. 

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley
2. Downton Abbey season 5 
started filming this week in England. 

3. New York Times list
of home &  garden tours
We made the list!

via pinterest 
4. Glamorous closet organization.

I got started on mine this week, 

5. A fun Summer hat...
I got mine from Hurley.

have a fabulous weekend...
ciao! fabiana

April 22, 2014

happy earth day!

Celebrate the Earth everyday with global map d├ęcor.

Maps add great color and texture to a room.

There are so many creative ways to use maps.

Which one's your favorite? 

ciao! fabiana

April 20, 2014


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