April 26, 2014

real housewives of new york's jewelry

Have you seen this week's episode of 

I'm a little obsessed with
 Carole, Heather and Kristen's style
of wearing layered jewelry.  

They do it so well!

Look at how they layer
at least 3-5 necklaces and bracelets.

It's a great look for summer!

Such great mixing and matching.

What a fun green dress, Carole!

This look of 
mixing beads and delicate jewelry 
on Kristen is my favorite.

Here's Heather again sporting lots of layers of silver.

Kristen always looks great!

Love the turquoise earrings with the red dress!

Sonja seemed a little stressed out 
with everyone, especially Ramona...

and what about that outfit?!

Do you hide your shoes when you go to a beach  party?

Cute earrings Ramona!

They remind me of these
Seychelles earrings I have 
by Stella & Dot

LuAnn's turquoise necklace is pretty, too.

I'm always drawn to that color!

Behind the scenes beach party photos from Bravo.

One great thing about the housewives shows,
the previews are almost better than the show itself!  
Stay tuned for some pinot tossing next week!

ciao! fabiana

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