April 5, 2014

my friday five

This week has flown by, 
and now I am thankful that
we are officially on Spring Break!  
Here are some things that

caught my attention this week... 

1. M.Street Artwork

Newport Beach native 
Shannon Wadsworth creates 
unique rope and wood artwork 
that's perfect for any 
coastal inspired home.

2. Camille Beehler Landscape Design

Camille Beehler is a talented 
landscape designer and also puts together fabulous centerpieces 
and one of a kind planting arrangements 
that make great gifts.  
My favorite arrangements are 
the succulents planted in giant seashells.  
Thank you Camille 
for becoming our first sponsor!

3. B. Toffee

Betsy Thagard has been making 
luscious toffee for years, 
but in 2009 she launched her company B. Toffee. 
Her toffee is layered with premier ingredients 
and comes in milk chocolate, 
or my favorite, dark chocolate. 
We are proud to announce 
that B. Toffee is also 
sponsoring Ciao Newport Beach!

4. Barbara Baumgartner 

Barbara Baumgarten 
is an award winning artist
 who loves to paint succulents, 
flowers, fruits & vegetables.
 I especially love her realistic close-ups 
of the gorgeous succulents on canvas.

5. the adorable royal family

Prince George is so sweet 
as he looks lovingly 
at his cocker spaniel, 

have a great weekend! 

ciao! fabiana

1 comment:

Kelly - Talk of the House said...

Happy Spring break! We are at the end of ours. Precious photo of the royal family!! And that toffee looks delicious. (Dark chocolate would be my favorite as well!)
Enjoy your break!

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