April 30, 2017

weekend brunch

I hope you’re having a
happy start of the week, and month!
Can you believe it’s already May?

We just spent most of Sunday
 at home
just catching up
on odds and ends around the house,
and sprucing up the backyard  
but we did get to sit down and enjoy a
simple brunch with the family.

Simple scrambled eggs and toast
are taken to another level
when you get to sit down to
 your very own personal bowl of
 fresh strawberries.

The strawberries here in OC 
are just coming in to season,
and they're so sweet!

More cuttings of the
snowball viburnum from the garden
are perfect with all
the blue and white table décor… 

But wait...
while setting the table,
I was experimenting with
a little red, white and blue color theme
and I couldn't resist a few photos…

I feel like it’s a little too early
to go all out patriotic, but I love how
this blue and white table easily transforms into
 a festive look with the addition of
just a red transferware plate.

These cute 
little seagrass wrapped water glasses
are from Serena & Lily,
I love how they look with
the vintage china and burlap chargers

May’s such a festive month,
coming up on May 18th,

Summer’s just around the corner….

are you excited?!

ciao! fabiana

April 28, 2017

spring blooms and vintage bottles

Do you know this flower?

....It's one of my favorites,
and it just explodes with blooms in April and May.

I first saw it
years ago
 in my neighbor Nancy's garden,
and I immediately
went out a bought one for 
my garden.

Now it's over six feet tall and full of flowers
that are great for cutting and bringing in the house.

It almost looks like a hydrangea,
but the blooms start off a pretty chartreuse color

and then transform into a creamy white shade.... 

This little amethyst bottle
has a story to tell too,
but I’ll save that for
another day!

ciao! fabiana

April 26, 2017

love never gives up

Time for a little 
Wednesday night journaling.
I'm learning to embrace all kinds of love.

As a mother,
love for my children and family comes naturally.
Loving ourselves takes a little more time...
reflection is good...
what I really love are
the small things throughout the day
that can go unnoticed.

All those small things add up in a big way
and help fill my heart 💗

where there are big gaps.

x o x o  fabiana

April 23, 2017

my favorite terrariums

I can't get enough of these pretty terrariums.
They're perfect for succulents and / or candles.

All I had to do was to add a few colorful pebbles
and then place a candle in the smaller one and
a succulent to the larger one. 

They've been sitting 
on my dining room table until now,
but with the 
weather warming up this weekend,
I have them outside 
on the little farmhouse table
I've got set up in the yard. 

I love the sempervivum in the larger terrarium. 
It's my favorite succulent because 
of their sweet rosette shape.
Kind of like a little artichoke!

But you can create a little arrangement
of several different varieties of succulents,
and that would be so pretty too!

And the best part about this is
these will last 

all summer long,

into fall,
with little care!

The terrarium set and
this cute distressed tray are both
from Oriental Trading.

In fact, the tray is part of
a set of three nesting trays that are really versatile. 

The trays are finished in a 
nice distressed chalky gray color, 
which looks great with most anything!

btw, the flowers are one of my faves…
Snowball Viburnum.

They just started blooming in my garden,
and they’re literally exploding with blooms.
They start off in the prettiest
hue of spring green and eventually
become a creamy white color.

Don't you think this tray will be
perfect for breakfast in bed

... one of my favorite traditions!

ciao! fabiana

And thank you to Oriental Trading for sending me these products to review.
The opinions expressed in this post are truly my own.

April 21, 2017

time for a garden party

We’re having the most perfect weather
for a garden party!

All I know is this is where I want to
spend Mother's Day,
and every weekend leading up to it. 💗

These flowers are just a bunch of ivy geraniums
snipped from the garden. 

Isn't the color divine?

ciao! fabiana

April 19, 2017

wednesday whims

Happy hump day!

It’s the middle of the week and
I have to admit,
I’ve been a little bit of a lazy bones this week.

But I wanted to stop in today
and share
some of my favorite things from the week, so far…

How about this amazing kitchen I
 spotted in the latest issue of Traditional Home?

I love every single element about this kitchen...

But seriously... 
Edible flowers look like they'll be all the rage
this spring and summer!

And why not?

Remember we feast with our eyes first!
Pretty up a salad or some delicate tea sandwiches with
your favorite edible blossoms.

Among my faves are
pansies, dandelions, peonies,
lavender, violets, borage and roses.

(photo by bhg)

The best purchase 
I made all year was a set of these
They are really comfortable, and oh, so cute!

Well, I splurged a little
and bought four more today
that I’m using out on my patio for

That's what one more thing to 
love about these chairs...
the option of bringing them indoors 
or out.

New to the blog shop
are these adorable mother’s day coffee mugs,
and “just for y’all” I’m offering 20% off until Sunday,
if you’re interested.

I already have one reserved for my mom!
Just click here.

Is anyone else a little obsessed with the 
TV series Feud: Bette and Joan on FX Sunday nights ?

Feud highlights
the professional and personal rivalry
between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
during and after the filming of their 1962 film
“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”.

Brilliantly portrayed by 
Jessica Lange (as Joan Crawford)
 and Susan Sarandon (as Bette Davis),
Feud also features lots of other notable actors 
like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kathy Bates,
Stanley Tucci and Sarah Paulson.

If you love classic Hollywood films and stars,
make sure you check this out…
it’s really juicy!

ciao! fabiana

April 15, 2017

home and garden in the desert

My favorite spot  
 to visit this past weekend was  
one of the most photographed
places in Palm Springs this season. 
It's the ranch-style house of
located on Racquet Club Road in Palm Springs.

Artist Doug Aitken covered every
surface of this mid-century style home in mirror.
It reflects the surrounding desert landscape
in the most beautiful ways,
and each time of day is different.
Each time you visit will be a new experience.

It’s the ultimate mirage in the desert!

April is also the perfect month to visit
the “Living Desert”.

It’s another fabulous family-friendly
excursion in Palm Desert,
filled with gorgeous native and exotic animals

The grounds are an interesting tapestry of

A truly beautiful place!

Among some of my favorite animals there were the
mountain lions, fennec foxes and giraffes.

And where else in the US can you get to ride a camel?

Giraffe feeding is
also a popular activity at the Living Desert.
It’s so fun to get up close and personal
with these huge and amazing creatures!

But I think our favorite activity there was
visiting the butterfly exhibit.

I’ve never seen such beautiful butterflies anywhere else.

Here’s a fun little guy I captured on my smart phone…

a hungry little monarch butterfly

ciao! fabiana

animal photos via The Living Desert on instagram

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