April 14, 2018

inspiration: blue and white in the garden

It’s been so nice out,
that I’ve spent the last two days out in the garden.

I’m so happy it’s spring…
because my garden's really calling out to me!

After a stop at Roger’s Gardens to pick up some lavender,

I was super inspired by their centerpiece display of 

blue and white porcelain in their front garden bed.

It’s such an elegant and timeless look.

I have several of these ceramic jardinières
and four of them are currently unspoken for…

so I plan on incorporating them into
my heavenly lavender garden plan!

I especially love how they look with
blue, pink, and white flowers.

Of course this look isn’t new.

Carolyne Roehm has been doing it for years.

And so has Mary McDonald...

Wow!  And so iconic!

Well, my garden is currently a work in progress.
I just finished plated a dozen new lavender plants
all around my garden shed.


Mostly I planted several tall and wispy English lavender,
but Roger’s also had the most amazing Spanish lavender 
called The Princess Lavender.

It’s a stunning a pinky-purple color that I couldn’t resist. It's smaller and I found just the right spot for it, so I'll share photos of my garden soon, after I mulch and clean up a bit!

 ciao! fabiana

other photos courtesy of  The Quintessence Blog, 
Carolyne Roehm & Mary McDonald


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