April 1, 2018

time in the garden

It’s been so nice out,

that I’ve been spending all my free time out in the garden.

After the winter months,
my garden was in need of some TLC,
so I’ve been busy pruning and planting…

mostly lavender and herbs.

I love how the lavender, thyme, rosemary,
mint, sage and oregano mix so well with my aloes

that are in bloom right now.

And the fruit trees are starting to blossom…

lemon, orange, apple and my very cool  pineapple guava.

The pineapple guava is a large tree-like shrub that has
pretty edible flowers in the spring 
and then later on in the summer,

it will bear little green fruit that are
super sweet and have a unique tropical flavor...

so yummy!

I’m also filling in with some of my favorite annual plants 
like cosmos and foxglove that are in the
lovely purple and pink color family.

There’s also a special project I’m working on…

zhushing up my garden shed.

I’m claiming the space as all-mine
so I have a few special things I’m working on 
and will be able to share it 
with you all very soon!


do something amazing today! 

ciao,  fabiana

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