September 22, 2020

napkin folding with a twist

Happy fall, ya’ll!  Today is the autumnal equinox and that means today the daytime and nighttime hours are the same, but to us pumpkin lovers, it simply means it's fall, ya’ll! 

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m back today with simple instructions on this fun napkin fold that I call the “Fan with a Twist”.   

To demonstrate how I achieved this look, I’m using the  Talelayo Pewter napkin from August Table.

First start with the napkin lying flat on a table or counter. 

Then start on one side and create an accordion-like fold about 2 inches wide. Remember the paper fans we used to make as children? It’s the same idea. 

Keep folding until you get to the other side, all the meanwhile having the “right” side of the fabric facing up. You should end up with a long, folded napkin about 2 inches wide, and with the pattern facing up.  

Now fold it in half. Make sure your pleats are lined up nicely. Slip on your napkin ring to almost midway up from the bottom.  

Now comes the fun part... 
twist the bottom part and open up the fan part at the top. 


This will work with just about any napkin and napkin ring. It helps if the fabric has a little bit of weight to it, but it’s not necessary. 

Keep your eye out for this fun “Fan with a Twist” look later on in the season. It’s really so fun to create!  

ciao! fabiana 

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