September 19, 2020

fall styling inspo

Today I’ll be spending my time doing lots of cooking, tending to the vegetables in the garden and finishing up on styling a fun fall table with new linens from August Table 

I have some preliminary shots I’ll be sharing with you, but first let’s talk about styling a fall table. 

For me, fall brings a feeling earthiness to the game plan, so I love to start with natural elements like leaves to add just the right mood to the decor. I’m talking REAL leaves and foliage. If you’re thinking about anything faux, forget about it! 

Get out into the backyard and clip some interesting foliage, collect fallen leaves at the park, or buy a bundle of branches at the grocery store. These will be the foundation for a wonder-fall table.  

As you can see from this overhead shot, I simply laid a bunch of pretty liquidambar and sycamore leaves out as a table runner. I collected these from my yard and my neighbor’s yard... she’s ok with it. 😉

They’ll last a couple of days or more, so with the simple addition of a few pumpkins, we’re all set!   

I also used freshly fallen leaves for this table. Don’t you just love the contrast of the bright leaves with the rustic wood table and the shiny pewter silverware?    

Here’s another fall table I styled last year. This time the pears bring in the warm fall colors. 

All I did was enhance the platter at the center of the table with some fresh eucalyptus leaves, courtesy of my neighbor Maureen, to create a focal point.  

Here’s the table I’m working on today. Aren’t these linens from August Table so pretty?! 

Even though these aren’t traditional fall colors, the soft and subdued gray and tan of this Talelayo Pewter pattern works elegantly for fall. 

Stay tuned next week for the final reveal of this table. I plan on adding softly colored pumpkins and a lovely vine of grape leaves for softness, kind of like I did here for the Pumpkin Cloche setup I did for Vagabond House 

I’ll be sharing all the details of how this fall table came together and how to do a a fun DIY napkin fold with you early next week. 

I'd love it if you’d check back with me soon. Until then, have a lovely weekend! 

ciao! fabiana 

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