September 28, 2011

milan fashion week

Bold, fun looks, and
don't you just love some of their names?

ciao! fabiana

September 27, 2011

lisa vanderpump's birthday at sur lounge

Birthday girls Adrienne, Lisa & Camille with Kyle

Camille & Kyle
Newlyweds Jason and Pandora

Adrienne & Paul


Inside the Newly Expanded 
Sur Lounge in West Hollywood. 

Ken and the Jigster
Lance Bass & Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
Lisa, Camille & Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis

Camille & new beau Dimitri George Charalambopoulos 

As an extra birthday treat, 
check out LVP starring in the 
1982 music video 
for the band ABC:

Does anyone remember this video?  I certainly do.
It was one of my favorites.

ciao! fabiana

September 23, 2011

in the mood for fall

The fall leaves were blown around
in the storm last night,
 but they only accentuate the
positive aspects of this farmhouse,
I love the front door and wreaths on the windows

Check out some other fun fall decor
from pinterest...

a pumpkin tower
a romantic mood
caramel apples
good old-fashioned apple picking
a haunted hallway
table treats
a boo mantle
a festive hearth
 an easy to make halloween-banner
a lacey pumpkin

pumpkin flames
countdown chalkboard pumpkin

Click for recipe: homemade pumpkin spice latte
love is in the air

ciao! fabiana


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