June 16, 2023

new from Pacific & Rose plus 30% off!


I’d like to share with you news that one of my favorite home linen companies, Pacific & Rose is offering 30% off all items on their website and in store at Seaside Gallery during a fabulous weekend sale that starts on FRIDAY.


The sale is effective June 16 - June 19, 2023, just use the code SUMMER30 at checkout.

Kitchen Towels

This includes brand new patterns and products that I recently photographed, like the brand new Seville pattern seen at the top in blue and marigold, and the always beautiful Gayatri Buti print now in new colorways of olive and blue. 

While you’re here, I’d love to show you the new summer table linens, aprons and accessories. Let's start with a few tablescapes that we recently set using these lovely patterns.

First up is Gayatri Buti Olive, seen here in my new veg garden. One of my favorite color combinations is green with a bright pop of magenta.


I used foxglove, petunias and other pretty flowering plants from Armstrong’s to accent the gorgeous pattern of the Gayatri, while also using some natural textures, like baskets to really bring a vintage vibe to the table.

Above you can see the coordinating Gayatri napkin which features a larger print. The matching Gayatri Buti napkins are also available. It's so fun to mix and match these lovely patterns.

Indoors in the breakfast room, you can really see how beautiful the colors and pattern of Gayatri Buti are. This tablecloth comes in three different sizes, so there’s certainly one that will fit your needs.


Here you get an up close and personal look at the two different napkin options. Gayatri Buti Olive is on top and Gayatri Olive is below.

Now let's take a peek at Gayatri Buti Blue...


I brought in some of my garden flowers to show you how pretty these colors also look with the blue colorway of this Gayatri Buti pattern.

The geraniums, foxglove, and hydrangeas have now been planted in the cottage garden in the backyard. That’s what I love so much about using live plants for décor in the house…


I can continue to love these flowers outside for years to come, and not only that, but next year I’ll be able to snip their blooms and use them again in the house!

The pink kalanchoes in the wicker baskets have fast become one of my favorite plants! They’ve looked like this since Easter and just keep getting better and better, so I keep them in the house!


Blue and white is always a favorite look for me, and a little pink compliment these Gayatri linens perfectly.


Switching over now to the brand-new Seville print… Check out these beautiful aprons!

These aprons are ideal for working in the kitchen, the garden or the studio. Hand block-printed by artisans at our fair-trade workshop in Jaipur, India.

Elizabeth’s travels through Andalusia, Spain inspired the new Seville pattern. The Azulejo ceramic tile smothering the walls and floors of houses and buildings is swoon worthy. 

This colorway is block-printed in a happy palette of marigolds and midway blues with a navy border.

This is one elegant looking tablecloth, and one thing I really love about it…


is that the marigold and the blue work so beautifully together, if you’re inclined to mix it up a bit!


The Seville pattern also comes in a fabulous table runner and placemats. The fabric is a little thicker on these two items, and they just add great appeal to any table. 

Roll out that runner, and you’ve instantly added loads of charm to your dining space, indoors or out!


And speaking of outdoors, here’s the gorgeous Seville Blue tablecloth and napkins set in the backyard for a little evening soiree.


This is the time of year that the red trumpet vine blooms, and I love how it looks with all the blue and white décor out here.


Blue hydrangeas just shout SUMMER! And they’re a match made in heaven with the Seville Blue tablecloth and napkins.


Recently I collaborated with Corelle dishware, and I was happily surprised at how perfectly these plates look with the Seville Blue linens.


Summer travels will be much brighter when our makeup bag is upgraded to one of these quilted beauties! Which cosmetic pouch would you chose?


I love these Pacific and Rose linens so much. They’re always a hit at a dinner party and tend to make my home feel special too.


Here’s a little look at the Mother’s Day place setting for this year. Just a little cookie to make everything around it pop!

Keep in mind that Pacific & Rose is offering 30% off all items on their website and in store at Seaside Gallery during a fabulous weekend sale that starts this FRIDAY.


The sale is effective June 16 - June 19, 2023, just use the code SUMMER30 at checkout.


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