June 16, 2011

nancy's secret garden

Through the gate of loveliness, 
and into Nancy's garden....

"June Gloom" and coastal drizzle can't 
stop this garden from glowing.  

A short walk from my house, 
an oasis of unusual hydrangeas, hellebores, 
roses, wisteria, lavender, herbs, 
fruit trees and more!

And check out Nancy's new kitchen here!

ciao! fabiana

June 15, 2011

mini summer bucket list

1. eat less meat and more veggies
2. walk on the beach at least twice a week
3. add to my collection of beach glass
4. visit Hawaii one more time
5. explore all the California Missions
6. go on more dates with my sweetie
7. yoga
8. spend more time with friends
9. have a big backyard pool party
10. don't worry, be happy 

ciao! fabiana

mismatched bikinis

A casual look for this summer...  

surfer girls

Kate Bosworth and  the Blue Crush girls

Sara Chafak, Miss Finland

Ashley Tisdale

AnnaLynn McCord

Jennifer Aniston

Megan Fox

from Victoria's Secret
Diane Kruger

Jessica Biel

Would you wear a mismatched bikini?

ciao! fabiana


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