January 2, 2015

a pantry made in heaven

and the kitchen that goes with it 

  This would be my ultimate dream pantry.

 I love the open shelving,
beadboard backing and clear glass jars.

The baskets add texture and warmth.

 Pretty drawers and deeper open shelving below.

 And finished off with clear french doors
so one can admire the pantry’s contents.

A sliding ladder completes the look. 
The kitchen itself is not too shabby!

This kitchen also features a roomy
 banquet for plenty of seating. 

A glamorous laundry room connects
the kitchen to the outdoors. 

 To view the rest of this dream house,
 visit Hayburn & Co.

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Very nice!! Where is this home located.....any info on the design, decor etc?

    1. LAC, the link is above. Just click on "Sandbanks". The house is located in England. Thanks for asking!


    2. Oops...I didn't see that...so busy looking at the wonderful pictures...thanks again for a great blog!

    3. I totally love it ! Even the puppy! I want it all!

  2. Their kitchen is bigger than my entire home, I think.

  3. This kitchen & pantry was supplied by Hayburn & Co. in Ballymena, the house itself is in Dorset, England. I know all this because my husband fitted it...!

  4. Could there ever be a pantry more beautiful. You would not want to use it actually it's just perfect. I could just stare at it all day long!!!!

  5. WOW! I could live in that pantry and laundry room and be one happy momma! LOL Beautiful. :)

  6. What a beautiful home! You kitchen is pretty wonderful. Very neat and well-organized. You also have beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

  7. What is the countertop in the laundry made from?

  8. What is the countertop in the laundry made from?


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