February 16, 2018

joanna gaines' new she shed

Did you happen to see this week’s
episode of Fixer Upper where they build and design
garden and chicken coop for their own farm?

I think it’s my all-time favorite show
 that they’ve ever done.

The inspiration for the she shed is the huge diamond-paned window that she’s been storing in her massive warehouse filled with amazing flea market finds.

The vintage doors are pretty spectacular too!

And Chip created the gorgeous fireplace.

Aren’t the tomato plants on the ledge cute?

It’s more than just a shed,
it’s a sanctuary and a meeting place for close friends.

and accessories close at hand.

The outdoor garden area is just as


as the inside of the garden shed.

An arched arbor filled with growing vines
is the gateway to and from the shed.

Everything I’ve ever wanted in a
garden is right here!

You can see the fabulous doors here,
behind Chip & Joanna.

And, of course, nearby, under an old oak tree

So cute!

The chicken coop is equally as beautiful as
 the rest of the garden and the shed.

You know herbs are my favorites!

And lots of pea gravel divides the outdoor spaces.

Chip and Joanna have also been
very busy  with a new project.

 They’re opening new restaurant named

magnolia table later this year.

Here’s how it’s coming together so far…

Let me know if you’ve watched this episode yet
and what you think about the whole project.

Even if you’re not a “garden person”,
you have to admit that shed is pretty darn cute!

ciao! fabiana


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photo credit:  Joanna Gaines and HGTV

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Loreen said...

I plan to watch this episode! So many ideas! So little time!

Unknown said...

I look at your blog everyday. Yes, I watched this garden shed show and loved it. It made me want to create a larger garden and build elevated boxes for my plants. Now I feel that my garden is to small. I have a small cottage attached to my garden but use it for guests. Originally it was to be a garden shed then perhaps an art studio. Wish I knew how to import a picture to you. Just got back from a vacation from Bay Is in your neck of the woods. Loved our visit, weather was perfect with enjoyable days on the beach. Your blog connects me to the area, always enjoy what you post. Bobbie from Eastern Washington State.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Let me know what you think after you watch it!


Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks so much Bobbie. I love hearing from you too! I know, after watching this show, I want to refurbish my shed and garden too. Mine just holds lawn and pool equipment, but stay tuned, I am planning on jazzing it up soon!

So glad to hear you had a nice time in Newport...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you look and see, oh! A place of respite. But let’s get real ... it is just another place to clean, to have continuous little maintenance issues, etc. Sometimes one has to be realistic. I think this couple has cornered the market on what everyday people like and dream of. ��

Home Chic Club said...

So perfect! Love everything! xoxo
Vesna - Home Chic Club

Claudia Fabiana said...

You're absolutely right. They have cornered the market on what everyday people dream of!

Thanks for stopping by today. xo

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks, Vesna! Have a great weekend....


OzzienDiane said...

Yes, I will take one just like it! Wouldn't it be wonderful if they worked with a company (maybe Home Depot) to provide us with a pre-fab one just like it!

mary said...

yes i watched this. now i will allow my husband to get his chickens ! but,he has to make this garden happen for me i love it! thanks for your blog

Claudia Fabiana said...

Haha, I think you'll love having chickens! Just think of all those fresh eggs...

Thanks so much for visiting the blog.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Oh, Diane, I love that idea!

Lisa Nielsen said...

Any idea what the dimensions of this “she shed” might be? It’s beautiful! I’d love to squeeze something like this in my back yard.

Unknown said...

Oh I so ditto and dream of the idea of having in my back yard. Which I do have some space and I would love to have the specs or dimensions so we could make it. Just curious minds would like to know. Thanks love it ver much!

Shauna said...

This is amazing! ❤️

Patti Day said...

Did this idea ever bear fruit?

Unknown said...

This is more than I could dream for.... I absolutely love this !! I just adore both of you! You are smart and Funny and it's wonderful to see all of the Creativity you have Together! May God continue to Bless you all !! Love in Christ , Cynthia Beck...


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