May 19, 2015

she sheds and zen dens

Today I am sharing with you, twenty-two of my favorite outdoor sanctuaries from pinterest.  These “she sheds” are the female equivalent of a man-cave. 

A she shed is a little oasis that one could also call a “zen den”. For more inspiration and for photo sources, check out my friend Nancy's shed, devoted to the pursuit of female happiness!

This one, with the coral double doors, is from 

last month’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

This one below, is Mary McDonald’s pretty outdoor getaway, styled two different ways.

The last one is my friend and neighbor Nancy’s elegant potting shed that she uses for creating gorgeous floral arrangements for friends and parties.

ciao! fabiana

For more She Shed inspiration check out this new book:


Anonymous said...

I think you have to factor in an area's climate (heat, cold, humidity) and bug factor.....and, given that everyone spends so much time online, internet access capability must be considered! I don't know anyone who just lays around....and I am retired! I do love your posts; thank you!

Madison - Marilyn Denis Show said...

Hi Fabiana!

My name is Madison, I am an intern at the Marilyn Denis Show in Toronto. I am currently helping out our d├ęcor producer with an upcoming segment on “She Sheds”. I was hoping to receive your permission to use a few of your “She Shed” photos that you have featured on your blog Ciao Newport Beach.

Looking forward to hearing from you – and awesome blog by the way, I loved looking at your posts…I am now inspired to design my own “She Shed”!

Thanks in advance,

Ryleigh Laila said...

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