July 31, 2022

the perfect way to serve butter


Good morning! Don’t you feel like this summer is just flying by? I can hardly believe it’s already July 31st, and with the start of August tomorrow, I want to stop and savor each moment that’s left of summer.


There’s nothing better than starting off this sunny day with a hot cup of coffee and a sliced up, toasty baguette that’s all buttered up and finished off with a touch of home-made jam.


Sitting here, I can’t help but notice that the real eye candy on the table is this gorgeous Seashell Butter Dish from Arthur Court Designs.

Doesn’t it bring just the perfect coastal charm to the breakfast room? With the addition of white hydrangeas from the garden, I feel a real Hamptons vibe going on, which is perfect because we’re headed to NY later in the week!


Hoping you have a great day and remember to enjoy this lovely summer day.

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  •       To add to the beachy feel, this Amalfi Stripe Tablecloth from Solino           Home really sets the mood.
  •       Cup and saucer are vintage.




ciao fabiana


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July 22, 2022

brunch at The Ivy

Last weekend, my mother and I went to one of our most cherished places, The Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills.


The Ivy is just magical.

We arrived on Saturday morning, bright and early and got a cozy table on the world-famous patio with lovely views of the surroundings.


In celebration of my mother’s birthday, we each ordered our favorite brunch item, the Crabcakes Benedict, yum! In addition to this amazing little feast, they also serve their complimentary homemade scones with butter.  


As an extra added bonus, today’s post is all about The Ivy’s decor and amazing ambiance that immediately enraptures you within seconds of stepping inside.


Here are the cozy elements that we need to take note of…  


ü pitchers of beautiful roses everywhere

ü lots of cozy chintz pillows

ü shabby chic old shutters and wooden elements

ü vintage floral artwork

ü antique French signage

ü gracefully aged white picket fences

ü colorful twinkle lights for alfresco evening dining

ü white tablecloths

ü a backdrop of old brickwork

ü a fabulous patio

I'll say it again...

Every inch of The Ivy is magical.

Here’s the view from our cozy corner table, and you can take a peek at the Crabcakes Benedict. 

I actually found this image on The Ivy’s Instagram page, because with all the excitement, I forgot to take a photo of our own food plates.


Every time I visit, I’m just amazed by the quaint decor, accessories and attention to detail.

The Ivy began its life during the 1980’s in a cozy little vintage cottage. Since then it’s been attracting celebrities, locals and visitors from all around the world.

Love these blue transferware plates on the yellow walls.

There are several rooms inside The Ivy, as this was once a little home in the cutest vintage cottage style. 

This room has a glorious display of  majolica plates, baskets, mercury glass and flower pots made from shards of dishes. 


Can you believe how many pitchers and vases of roses there are at The Ivy? 

The secret in recreating this look is to buy roses in light pink, dark pink and yellow, with a few coral colored roses thrown in as an accent.

This is the back room, which is filled with dozens and dozens of still life paintings on every wall, as well as some antique French Republic memorabilia.


Ooooh, that plate rack and those green cabbage dishes… 

so cute!


So French!


I recently found three floral still life paintings like this one at a yard sale and have listed them on my eBay shop.


This is the view from our table at the iconic front window of The Ivy cottage. And here it is at night time all lit up with colorful lights. 


Wouldn’t this be fun to recreate at home for a small patio or outdoor dining area? The colorful lights are here all year long, not just at Christmas time.


Another one of my favorite corner tables, that features an open window, filled with colorful geraniums and more art, and a fluttering-breezy-curtain moment.


I hope you enjoyed this fun little tour of The Ivy. It’s really inspired my to actually go to more estate sales and yard sales, always looking for those special treasures.


Some of my fun vintage finds have just been listed on my eBay Blog Shop, if you’d like to take a look here.


Two of the three little floral paintings I just acquired have already sold over the weekend, but I’m always on the hunt for more!


ciao! fabiana



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July 14, 2022

vintage finds from antiques cottage


Don’t you love discovering new little shops right in your own neighborhood? There’s a sweet little antiques shop called Antiques Cottage right here on 17th Street here in Costa Mesa that I never knew about before.


I found some really fun little finds last week when I stopped in, and it just so happened that they were having a sale, so the prices were really reasonable. What more could you ask for?!

Just a few little fun things to add to my collection, and some of them make really cute additions to my tablescapes too.


I’ll show you some of these fun finds individually… first up is this darling depression glass double-handled sugar bowl in just the most perfect shade of green.


This type of glass is also known as Uranium glass because it has minute traces of this element, and it actually glows brightly under a black light. So cool!

It's just the right size for a little impromptu bouquet of flowers from the garden.


I also found this amazing zester with vintage green wooden handle. These vintage kitchen utensils still work great, and I’ve gathered a useful little collection over the years.


After a thorough scrubbing, this little beauty is set to create beautiful ribbons of citrus peel for a my next yummy recipe or cocktail.


Now how about these cute little piggy napkin rings? I found a larger set, and I’m keeping half and selling the second set of 4 on my eBay store. You can check them out here.   


These little guys are so charming, they’d be a fabulous addition to any tablescape, from country to farmhouse to grandmother chic.

I paired them with this bright and festive blue and white check napkin for my 4th of July table. They just add such a fun whimsical touch, don't they? 

One of my favorite finds that day was this beautiful embossed antique creamware pitcher. I listed it on eBay last week, and it sold immediately.


Pitchers are one of my favorite ways to display flowers. I don’t know what it is, but flowers always looks so good in a pretty pitcher.


These soft purple Downton Abbey rose grows like mad in my garden, and I just love it in this creamware pitcher.


Here are some other ones, both large and small, that I have listed on the blog shop. 

This McCoy striped mixing bowl is my absolute favorite find of the day. It’s the perfect size for my big salad. This one has bacon, egg, tomato and is topped with a home-made ranch dressing… super yummy!


Here are some similar McCoy bowls for you to check out and if you're interested, here’s a link to my ranch dressing recipe. It whips up in minutes and it's dairy-free, paleo, and full of delicious herbs. 


The two matching polychrome transferware bowls I found at Antiques Cottage are just the perfect vessels for going out to the garden, picking fresh veggies like these peas and tomatoes, and bringing them right into the kitchen for a fun and tasty display.


These beauties went right into our salad for dinner, and now the bowls are ready for more fresh garden produce. 

What I love most about bowls like this is that they can go straight from the garden to the table, and always look beautiful.

Here’s a pretty eye-spy of vintage kitchen utensils. This is the green handled part of my collection. Can you spy my new little zester?


These fun and colorful kitchen gadgets are sometimes spotted at garage sales, thrift stores and on eBay, and best of all, they usually work better that their modern versions.


So far I've gathered mostly red and green handled ones utensils, with only a few blue ones to be found in the wild. And of course, blue would be my favorite color.

They add such country charm to the kitchen for a timeless nostalgic look. 


I’m telling you this zester works better than any I’ve tried, and the citrus peel becomes very fragrant after being sliced so neatly.


My husband also loves vintage kitchen gadgets, and since we both love to cook, it’s one of the things we’re always on the lookout for when we go thrifting together.


Here’s my little stash of treasures again. The pudding mold in the back will be used during the holidays to make an old-fashioned Christmas pudding full of spices and fruit that we all love.

The wicker coffee cups are just sooo cute, and I got two sets of 4 that are in the original boxes. 

They're from the1970's just as I suspected. (You can just see Mary Richards and Rhoda using these while gossiping at Mary's kitchen table on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.) 

They'll make adorable options for coffee at brunch or they'd even work great for a hot toddy during the winter months, topped off by a fragrant cinnamon stick, and maybe a twist of orange peel from my new little handy-dandy zester. 

All in all, I'm really pleased with these fun little treasures. What are you collecting these days?

ciao! fabiana



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You can check out some of my favorites here at Tablescaping Essentials*. 





Please note that this post may contain affiliate links.



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