September 25, 2020

an autumn tea party in red & white

I’ve always been a sentimental type and am drawn to idyllic settings and vintage treasures, so today I have a real treat for you. I’m combining these lovely table linens from Fete Home with some of my favorite vintage transferware cups and saucers to create a lovely autumn-inspired tea party. 

Every great tea party must have a fancy tea pot, but this time we used an ironstone tea pot to display our flowers for the table. Dahlias, mums, roses and daisies are all gathered in colors reminiscent of the tablecloth. 

Here it is... the Wayfarer Tablecloth by Fete Home. Isn’t it just dreamy? It’s a luxurious Ikat print in rich, dark burgundy red, soft pinks and salmon tones.   

And to highlight this fabulous print, we’ve chosen a more subtle pattern for the napkins. These aptly named Eloquence Napkins coordinate perfectly with the colors of the Wayfarer pattern for the exact kind of mixing and matching that I love!  

I went with plain white china to really play off all the fun patterns. Natural elements are used with the placemat and the bamboo flatware. I also used excelsior inside each tea cup to sort of be a nest for the white “baby boo” pumpkins. 

Did I mention that these napkins are 100% linen? You can’t beat a lovely linen napkin for softness and style. 

Here’s a close-up of the Eloquence Napkin and the Two-Toned Bone Napkin Ring. These inlaid square napkin rings are solid wood on the inside and feel like jewelry at the table. Love these! 

All the elements at the table were kept simple in order to let the vibrant patterns of the linens shine. 

Here’s a look at how all the patterns and textures work together. 

A few mini vanilla cupcakes and madeleines from Trader Joe’s get a sprinkling of powdered sugar to "fancy them up". 

One of my latest obsessions are vintage tins, especially tea tins, so I thought I’d gather a few and use them for the extra flowers I had on hand.  

All in all, I’m totally infatuated with these pretty items from Fete Home. I’ve already got visions of a pretty table set for Christmas using all these same table top items.  

Can you imagine these patterns accented with beautiful bottlebrush trees, vintage Santas, and glittering ornaments? In the meantime, let’s enjoy fall and all its glory! 

Here are the shopping links for the Fete Home items: 

ciao! fabiana 

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September 24, 2020

favorite collectibles from country living

How about a little peek at this special issue of Country Living’s Flea Market Finds? This issue is filled with great ideas and amazing pictures. Here are some of my favorite vintage treasures that are always on my radar...  

I just love these fun vignettes! 

Although it’s tougher to find these days, Jadeite is always on my list when I head to a flea market or yard sale. 

I love vintage cookbooks, especially regional ones. The recipes are so different than they are now. I actually have that same Charleston Receipts book. Receipt is just an old-fashioned term for recipe.

Dramatic framed silhouettes are always a yes for me, especially the ones in round or oval frames.  

Do you remember that Disneyland had a store on Main Street that was a silhouette studio? Have you ever had one made there? 

Ironstone tableware of all shapes and sizes are hard for me to resist. They go with everything, and I love using them to break up busy patterns at a table. Pitchers, tureens and plates are my favorite finds. English made ironstone is the best, and sometimes the hallmarks on the bottom are just beautiful! 

I haven't been out treasure shopping as much as I used to, but I have been to a handful of garage sales in the neighborhood and have found some fun things like more bamboo cutlery, some small ironstone creamers and even a blue Fire King cup... it's like turquoise Jadeite, which I kind of prefer! 

It's almost the weekend, so happy thrifting!

ciao! fabiana 

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