September 20, 2020

pumpkin season is here!

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins... there’s never too many! Maybe it’s because I’m an October baby, but I just love fall and Halloween. 

Roger’s Gardens always gets their pumpkins in early, and they have so many to choose from, so I did stock up on some pretty ones about 10 days ago. 

I love to use them on my table, on the mantel and then later in October I do put some out on the front patio. I especially love the little white ones. They’re really cute at a place setting and just sprinkled around the house on a shelf on a stack of books.

These linens from are from August Table. Tomorrow you’ll get to see the WHOLE table and how it came together. I love how the soft and subdued gray and tan of this Talelayo Pewter pattern works elegantly for fall, especially with the softly colored pumpkins.  

So, I’m actually on the hunt today for some really tiny white ones. I think I’ll head to Trader Joe’s first to see what they have. There’s something special I have planned for them this week.  

Here’s a peek at some of the pumpkin fun going on at Roger’s Gardens right now... 

I hope you’ll check back with me tomorrow! 


ciao! fabiana 

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