October 11, 2017

this halloween at roger's gardens

Halloween at Roger’s Gardens is always a treat!

How about a little peek at
what they have in store
for us this year?

"For a limited time,
it’s possible to slip behind the wall,
Harry Potter style,
into a small alley lined 

"As we walk by, we're
oblivious to the mysterious
activity surrounding us.

Only those who know can detect
and excitement in the air."

"Your number one source for rare
be found next to an apothecary
selling strange potions. "

You’ll find the perfect potion
at Morgan & Murkes Apothecary.
Loaded with skeletons and skulls
this apothecary is ready to fix what ails you.

"Magical creatures are for sale
behind windows stacked with wands
and broomsticks."

Lurking in the shadows,
Wykeham’s Wizarding Supplies

Look for the perfect wand,
browse the selection of spell books
or get lost in the gaze of a crystal ball.

And, the spooky tablescapes are to die for!

Check out what the owls
have delivered at
the Owl Post General Store!  

Be sure to visit Roger’s Gardens
and step into a world of
Magic & Mayhem,
before the door

ciao! fabiana

And don’t forget to check out
a few of my fun Halloween picks at my Blog Shop!

photo credit:  Roger's Gardens

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  1. This is a really awesome post. Your post includes antiques which I like the most. Thanks for sharing this.


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