October 23, 2017

more halloween porches

Oh, how I love my neighborhood!

It’s quite eclectic. 

I live in a community where each house
is pretty unique, built in different decades
by different builders and it gives it that
quirky, unique quality that I love.

it’s always fun to see how my neighbors express
themselves through d├ęcor.

There are lots of spooky front yards around,
but I’ve chosen the more simple and elegant ones
to share with you all today!

Yes, all these homes are quite traditional,
but they all have their own style as well,
don’t they?

You may recognize a couple of these homes,
because I kind of have a little “crush” on them!

There's nothing wrong with that, right?

My love for architecture and design 
runs deep, lol.

There’s always a house or two
that really stand out and
set the tone for the neighborhood,

don’t you think? 

ciao! fabiana

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