July 18, 2015

what to love about the Bewitched house

My fascination with Bewitched started when I was a little girl.  It was my absolute favorite show! I wanted to be just like Samantha or Tabitha. They were both so sweet and stylish and, of course, they could wiggle or twitch their noses to get anything in the world!  Or travel anywhere... what fun!  

I loved Darren #1, and later Uncle Arthur and some of the other regulars. The Darrens changed, the decor changed, and even Mrs. Kravitz changed, and I loved picking up on the nuances from season to season. 

When I was in 8th grade, I moved to Beverly Hills, and Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the first celebrities I saw in person because her son Billy went to my school. She was as beautiful and nice as I had imagined. And so, my fascination continues....  

Didn't the Stephens' house have great curb appeal?

The front door was always welcoming, even if
it was Mrs. Kravitz at the door half the time.

Samantha was always updating the entry decor too. 

The living room was filled with mid-century colonial revival charm.

The eat-in kitchen was cozy and just  
a swinging door away from all the commotion...

that usually took place in the living room.   
And how about those state-of-the-art appliances?

...and the sunny window in front of the sink.

 The back door was a great way to sneak out, or let the milk man in.

The yellow cabinets were later switched out 
to a groovier technicolor green during the early 1970's.

The center staircase was a great focal point.

Notice the change in wood finishes from season to season.

The French doors leading to the back yard were fabulous,

even though they were covered with those hour-glass sheer curtains.

The back patio was also perfectly furnished and landscaped.

Samantha's  dining room was always ready for unexpected guests.

Tabatha's room was every little girl's dream.

Things got updated in  Tabatha's room over the years too.

I love that the Stephens' master bedroom looked authentic.

I always thought it was weird
 that other couples on tv slept in twin beds.

All that magic happened at 1164 Morning Glory Circle!

(Which happens to be at the backlot of Warner Brothers Studio.)

For more Bewitched decor check out this page and this page!

ciao! fabiana

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