July 30, 2015

my friday five

I haven’t shared a Friday Five round-up with you all in a while, but there are a few new products I am obsessed with this week, and I wanted to share them with you guys!  

First off, are these FIGI EXISTENCE mixed color skinny jeans.  I just got a pair this week, and the fit and look of these jeans is amazing.  They are a really fun alternative to denim for the summer too.  FIGI uses artist John Rossi as inspiration for  the designs of their unique jeans and t-shirts. The colors they use are so pretty!

Aurorae’s luxurious microfiber beach towels are a big hit around here. My kids have been using them all summer long. They're super absorbent and a great size at 32” x 68”, but are very lightweight and fold up compactly so they don’t take up too much room in the beach bag or backpacks. They're great for travel and camping too, and they come in a great selection of pretty colors, so everyone can pick their favorite color. My favorite is Kauai Coast. They also make a great yoga towel that I love!  

Card Ninja makes life so much easier!  It combines your wallet with your phone in an easy to use compact way.  The Card Ninja attaches to your phone like a sticker, and holds your cash, credit cards, i.d. and more.  Even ear buds can fit in the flexible pocket.  I got these for my boys, and husband and they have kept their shape and are still working great after several months.  

Mendocino Farms in Costa Mesa is now my go to restaurant for lunch. They offer a really yummy but healthy menu and have just opened a second location near UCI that we are so excited about!  My favorite menu items are the Kale Caesar, the Farm Fresh Turkey Club and the Prosciutto and Free Range Chicken Ciabatta.  

Their food is so yummy and popular that they even catered our lunch this year for the Newport Harbor Home and Garden Tour. Mendocino Farms has several locations that have popped up recently in Orange and L.A. Counties.  Have you tried one yet? 

Another new discovery I have made lately are Chalk Ink Markers. They're basically chalk in marker form. Chalk Ink takes your chalk board to a whole other level.  

With them you are able to create beautiful lettering, so it makes them perfect for party menus, decorating furniture and walls, labeling items, place settings… 

the possibilities are endless! I'm working on a fabulous blog post for next week with lots of examples. 

Enjoy the weekend!

ciao! fabiana

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