February 16, 2017

joanna gaines entertains

Joanna Gaines, the "Queen Bee" of HGTV, knows how to set a table for her friends! She starts with a eucalyptus and herb runner down the center of her table and also embellishes her chandelier the same way. 

Soft peach colored cabbage roses and ranunculus are then added to the table.

Tall brass candlesticks provide plenty of ambiance  and drinks are served in stylish mason jars. 

Each place setting is anchored by a rustic wooden bread board, and an elegant white napkin. 


Isn't it charming how each guest gets their own set of gourmet condiments to add to the lunch baguette? Such a sweet little gathering! Joanna, how do you do it? 

Isn’t this the cutest paper doll showing some of Joanna’s favorite fashion choices? Seen in Country Living magazine.

ciao! fabiana

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Celia Becker @ After Orange County said...

Joanna has got to be the most talented woman on earth! Between her TV show, her business, The Silos, her kids, etc. she must never sleep! Thanks for sharing this article about her entertaining talents as well.

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