February 7, 2017

ladies of london host midsummer

Any Ladies of London fans out there? This season, the friendships between the women have shifted around a bit, somehow the drama was kept mostly civil, compared to the American housewives. And, they know a thing or two about fashion. 

They ALL have great style, and you can’t beat those fabulous British accents. 

Well, over the past few weeks, we’ve watched them traveled to Scotland, where we got a glimpse of Dundas Castle, they visited Julie Montagu at Mapperton, the Downton Abbey-like home of the Earl of Sandwich, and last week Caroline Fleming hosted a Midsummer party, complete with authentic Scandinavian food, flowy dresses and flower crowns.

Pictured above are Julie Montagu, Juliet Angus and Caroline Fleming. Seeing this gorgeous party makes me want to start celebrating midsummer night! Actually, my husband’s home town of Geneva, Illinois has a fabulous Midsummer celebration called Swedish Days. We’re thinking about visiting this year for this extra special weekend! 

Juliet Angus and Marissa Hermer

Julie Montagu in a lovely ivy and flower crown.

Dancing around the Maypole.

Caroline Fleming, who’s a fabulous cook, catered the whole event herself with authentic Danish and Swedish foods. 

Sophie Stanbury, Adela King and Marissa Hermer

Midsummer, also known as St. John’s day, celebrates the summer solstice and usually takes place around  June 24th.

Midsummer is considered magical, and anything to do with nature has a special gift. Gathering flowers to weave into wreaths and crowns is a way to capture nature’s magic and assure good health in the coming year.

Midsummer has been celebrated since the times of the Vikings, when the tradition started of making large bonfires to ward away evil spirits.

Well, the season finale of Ladies of London airs tonight. It’s sad to see the season end so soon, and I’m not sure about it returning next year. Caroline Stanbury has moved to Dubai with her family and Marissa Hermer is now living here in Los Angeles.  

We’ll have to wait and see. 

Until then, Skål! or Cheers!

ciao! fabiana

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