February 9, 2017

my kitchen rules

Have you all been watching “My Kitchen Rules” on  Fox, Thursday nights? It’s a fun cooking competition show hosted by chefs Curtis Stone and Cat Cora, and features celebrity duos competing against each other in the kitchen and in the dining room. 

It’s basically a dinner party competition, which I really like. I especially love seeing their table settings, and I’m convinced they have professional help with their tablescapes, because they look a little too perfect!

Anyways, the teams this season are Lance Bass with his mom Diane, singer Brandy & her brother Ray J, Naomi Judd & her husband Larry Strickland, Brandi Glanville & her friend Dean Sheremet, and Andrew Dice Clay & his wife Valerie. 

They'll also visit the home of David Arquette and other celebs for dinner parties as well. Originally an Australian show, the American version has been pretty fun to watch so far.  

The teams prepare an appetizer and an entrée in their own kitchens and then serve the other participants and judges in their own dining rooms. I love getting a little peek inside their homes, especially the kitchens

Each team then has to rate each course of food for each team. Often times, the scores are strategically tabulated… you must watch and see!

So far, one couple has been eliminated.

It’s kind of like being a fly on the wall at someone else’s party, lol!

And they must wear monogrammed 
aprons while they're cooking…

Most of the food looks pretty good!

Aren't the tables pretty?

As you can see, the teams take turns hosting an intimate dinner party to impress their rival competitors and the professional chef judges. Since the show is filmed in southern California, many of the dinners are alfresco.

Up close and personal.

And everyone plans a set menu on personalized cards.

Let me know what you think of the show, if you tune in!

ciao! fabiana


  1. I hadn't heard of this show before you mentioned it, so I checked it out, and The Hubs and I watched several episodes last night. I loved it. And never thought I'd be saying this--knowing the type of humor of Andrew Dice Clay-- but he was hilarious and he and his leather jacket collection added a lot to the show!Thanks for the heads-up!
    ~~Carol in San Diego

    1. Hi Carol! So glad you and your husband enjoyed it! The cast is sort of questionable, but I guess they feel like they must have a little bit of edginess to the show. I have surprisingly enjoyed Dice and his wife!


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