February 18, 2017

the flower chef

My go-to book for arranging flowers is always Carly Cylinder’sThe Flower Chef”. Carly’s easy to use book offers step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photos that make it easy for any beginner like me!

In the book, Carly shows us how to create a variety of arrangements in a “recipe” format. She’ll tell you how many flowers and supplies you’ll need and then offer easy instructions to replicate her gorgeous designs.

This is one of my favorite looks!

Carly is so creative! You can even watch her fun Flower Chef videos on You Tube.

She makes any party look amazing!

P.S. This book makes a GREAT gift too!

I invite you to stop by my new Ciao Tablescapes page. It’s a collection of my favorite tablescapes that I’ve created since starting my blog in 2011. I'll be constantly updating this page with new favorites, so check back often! If there are any holidays or themes you’d like to see, leave me a comment! You can find the tab at the top of my page or simply click here.

ciao! fabiana

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  1. It is amazing what a variety of designs she's created! It's been fun eagerly anticipating every new blog post.


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