February 11, 2017

newport beach chic

Here’s what happens when a 1950’s Newport Beach home meets the chic eclectic style of designer Melissa Palazzo. Here in her own home, the décor is a mixture of vintage and antique finds that are transformed to create a unique modern style. It's all streamlined and fun!

Large windows were added and ceilings raised during the initial phase of her remodel. As you can see, this breathed new life into the mid-century home. 

It’s amazing how a little lacquer paint can transform a dull antique into something so modern and elegant!

As you can see, black and white are the 
shades of choice throughout the home. 

And the addition of the right bright colors
 elevates the look!

Love the contrast in each room.

“I have simplified how we live,” Melissa says. “I’m really moving away from over-designed rooms. For me, spaces need to be beautiful but simple.”

ciao! fabiana

via Orange Coast Magazine

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