May 28, 2018

progress on the she shed...

A major update on my garden shed

ü the door and moulding is all painted
and just needs small touch-ups.

I’m in love with this glass door knob with
brass backplate… 

üso vintage and plays up that chic updated Victorian style.

Here’s the almost final look.
 I’ve decided to switch out the light
which is a bit small and not quite the vibe

I’m going for.

üFragrant herbs flank the doorway…

And speaking of herbs, this is one of my faves…


ü easy to grow
ü  it has edible blue flowers
ü tastes like cucumber!
ü adds charming cottage style to the garden

A peek at the secret path behind the flower bed

A little surprise...

a teapot bird feeder in the pineapple guava tree.

We have lots of succulents in and around the
garden shed which work perfectly with

the Mediterranean herbs and 
flowers we've planted.

      Another fave… snowball viburnum.

       And a little snapshot from inside the shed…

It’s becoming a great place to store
my favorite collectables, flea market treasures

We're almost done renovating,
so I'll keep you posted!

Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day!

 ciao! fabiana 


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