January 19, 2022

springtime table inspiration

Don’t let the wintertime blues get you down. Spring is just around the corner!


If you want to get in on an early seasonal rush, try a fun, floral pattern like this. It’s the absolute newest pattern from Pacific and Rose and it’s call Lilibet Green.  


Originally designed as a nod to Mardi Gras, this festive little pattern reaches beyond the streets of New Orleans and can be right at home celebrating Easter, spring or any summer festivity.


You can really see how pretty this Lilibet pattern is on the napkin, placemat and tablecloth. I just love the vining, ferny pattern, so I matched my flowers to it.     


This table is brought to life with the help of a little bouquet foraged from the garden. Cosmos, statice and hellebores are currently blooming right now and just happen to match this brand-new print.


Best of all, this gorgeous print isn’t limited to the table. Look at this cozy robe and cosmetic bag! They’re so perfect for home or for packing up when you go on your next weekend getaway.   


The kitchen tea towels are so luxurious and just like these other items, make great gifts, perhaps for a birthday or Mother’s Day.


Gather up your Mardi Gras beads and get yourself a King Cake, because Mardi Gras is on March 1st. Just because this event has been celebrated for centuries doesn’t mean you have to be left out this year…


Set your table up nice and pretty for this celebration which also heralds the impending arrival of springtime! You’ll be surprised at how it will cheer up the whole room, and boost your mood as well.

 Check out PacificAndRose.com for more!


ciao! fabiana



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