June 5, 2015

fish friday

My vintage ceramic fish from Mexico is
today’s inspiration for “Fish Friday”. 
{pictured above}   

These little guys make me happy and
bring on a fun coastal vibe!

ciao! fabiana

June 4, 2015

featured designer: erica bryen

Young and hip local designer Erica Bryen

is my design crush of the week!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: Erica Bryen on instagram

June 2, 2015

a contrast of styles in Texas

The contrast of styles of these two rooms is vast.
Light versus dark, airy versus dramatic,
feminine versus masculine, summer versus winter.
Both these rooms are found within one home,
and I love elements of both rooms.
Those chairs cocoon-like white chairs are to die for...
and you know how much I long-for a secret doorway!
Which room would you feel most comfortable in?

via Luxe

ciao! Fabiana

June 1, 2015

pink peonies with blue and white

I'm finding pink peonies everywhere right now,
and I love how they look when they are
paired with beautiful blue and white ceramic pieces.

The contrast is just lovely!

 via Adore Magazine

 via Caroline Roehm

 via French Country Cottage

  via Stone Gable

x o  fabiana

vintage brackets create pretty desks

To create an impromptu work space or entry table,
try using a couple of massive brackets as a base for a flat surface.

Check out your local salvage or thrift stores for inspiration,
Or create your own unique brackets out of chunky barn wood!
It’s a simple project with huge results!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
Sarah Richards
Carla Aston
All Things Thrifty


May 31, 2015

sunday beach picnic

"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, 
too greedy, or too impatient. 
One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach 
- waiting for a gift from the sea."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

ciao! fabiana


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