October 12, 2017

halloween curb appeal

I have to admit,
I bought one more pumpkin today…

Enough already, right?
I’ve been buying pumpkins for weeks now!

Roger’s Gardens, Trader Joe’s,
Tanaka Farms, and the grocery store,
it’s hard to resist these beauties…

Well, I really did need one more
to finish off 

And speaking of Halloween porch décor,
here are a few of my favorite looks
for the month of October.

and remember.... try doing something amazing today! 

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:
DIY Network
New England Living
Ciao Newport Beach

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October 11, 2017

this halloween at roger's gardens

Halloween at Roger’s Gardens is always a treat!

How about a little peek at
what they have in store
for us this year?

"For a limited time,
it’s possible to slip behind the wall,
Harry Potter style,
into a small alley lined 

"As we walk by, we're
oblivious to the mysterious
activity surrounding us.

Only those who know can detect
and excitement in the air."

"Your number one source for rare
be found next to an apothecary
selling strange potions. "

You’ll find the perfect potion
at Morgan & Murkes Apothecary.
Loaded with skeletons and skulls
this apothecary is ready to fix what ails you.

"Magical creatures are for sale
behind windows stacked with wands
and broomsticks."

Lurking in the shadows,
Wykeham’s Wizarding Supplies

Look for the perfect wand,
browse the selection of spell books
or get lost in the gaze of a crystal ball.

And, the spooky tablescapes are to die for!

Check out what the owls
have delivered at
the Owl Post General Store!  

Be sure to visit Roger’s Gardens
and step into a world of
Magic & Mayhem,
before the door

ciao! fabiana

And don’t forget to check out
a few of my fun Halloween picks at my Blog Shop!

photo credit:  Roger's Gardens

October 10, 2017

gold accents for the powder room

Who doesn’t need a little glitz and glam in the powder room? Gold hardware, fixtures and mirrors are a great way to update and glamorize a ho-hum bathroom. I think a brushed brass finish is the perfect solution! Here are some of my favorite looks...

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:

1,2,3 Redbook
4 Studio Lifestyle
5 Rue
6 Grazia

October 9, 2017

falling for fall

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Fall really is my favorite time of year! I don’t know what it is. Maybe it has to do with the start of all the holidays coming up, like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It really gets me in a festive mood just thinking about it!

We had some pretty warm weather this past weekend, but that’s expected of October here in Southern California. Maybe the heat only helps the intensity of the colors of the fall leaves… I hope so! 

Pottery Barn tablescape

Last week I stopped in at Pottery Barn, and there were no signs of the Monique Lhuillier tableware yet, but they do have several pretty Thanksgiving tables set. It’s always fun to see what their inspiration is from year to year

Williams-Sonoma tablescape

Williams-Sonoma drew me in with the smell of their mulled apple cider that I could smell from across the way at Pottery Barn. They were serving that and some fresh pumpkin bread, mmmmm how can you not be in the mood for Fall with those aromas?    

table by Carolyn Zakryk Elegant Details

Look what I found on pinterest... a tablescape inspired by the “Be Thankful” Thanksgiving table I did last year for Oriental Trading. 

table by Carolyn Zakryk Elegant Details

Notice the same crossed pheasant feathers and the “Be Thankful” silver charm? It’s so nice when we can inspire each other. 

table by Carolyn Zakryk Elegant Details

I love these festive turkey plates!

table by Carolyn Zakryk Elegant Details

And the use of color in the centerpiece is beautiful.

table by La Dolfina

I think I was originally inspired for my “Be Thankful” tablescape by this one by La Dolfina. I love how she uses deep, rich shades of brown and then surprises us with the lovely pop of blue in the glassware.  

My husband’s cousin Lee created this lovely centerpiece in her Nashville home. It reminds me of my white pumpkin and Dusty Miller arrangement in a wooden flower box. Lee has such all-around great taste. She also has a line of yummy pickles and my favorite red pepper jelly created from special family recipes, called Oakley’s Southern Delights!

Making a trip to the pumpkin patch has been a family tradition for us for a long time, and Tanaka Farms in Irvine is the best one I’ve ever been to. They actually grow tons and tons of pumpkins here, in addition to lots of other fruits and veggies. Look at all these beautiful pumpkins

It’s so cute that they feature all the Hello Kitty characters here and there are lots of beautiful spots for photo ops. 

“Oh, hi there, cutie!” 

I can’t help being inspired by this season with all these wonderful things around me. Thanks for letting me share them with all of you!

ciao! fabiana


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first photo credit: Traditional Home


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