September 9, 2017

a rainy day in savannah

Savannah is absolutely one of
my favorite cities in the whole wide world.

The whole vibe of Savannah
is mysterious,
and alluring.

Walking around the city
on a rainy day really brings out all
these amazing characteristics,
and then some...

It's energizing!

You may have seen some of my favorite
photos on instagram or facebook,
but today I’m sharing a collection of
la crème de la crème of my shots
just walking from
The Paris Market 
to the Gryphon and then 
to Alex Raskin Antiques

my little trifecta of Savannah favorites.  

So now, starting at the Paris Market,
the real adventure begins!

After a little coffee and some shopping,
and wearing a pretty pair of new earrings
I'm off to soak in the sights with my hubby...

The rainstorm couldn’t stop us from
enjoying the beauty of Savannah!

And how about these carrara marble front steps!

OMG! There were actually several homes with
carrara marble stairs, entries and other details.

Look at these adorable ferns growing
in between the mortar of the brickwork.

Many homes also had creeping fig
growing on the stair risers.

Hopefully our next visit to Savannah
will be a sunny one!

I hope your Saturday has been lovely so far,
and my prayers go out to all those affected 
by Hurricane Harvey and Huricane Irma!

Savannah is, of course, on my prayer list.


ciao! fabiana

September 6, 2017

I'm happy to be back!

Wow-- summer vacation is officially over,
and I can finally share some of
my vacay photos with you!

We just got back from our annual family trip
to Hilton Head, South Carolina.

And of course, my hubby and I usually slip in a 
little side trip into Savannah for the day.
Savannah has got to be my favorite city and
I could totally see myself living there.

The architecture, food, and beauty of the city
just fills my heart with joy and makes it
skip a beat or two!

We even got caught in a huge 
summer rainstorm and had to 
run eight blocks to our car…

It was sooooo fun! 
We don’t ever get to do that 
here in So Cal.

In a later blog post,
I’ll share my three favorite
places to visit in Savannah,
and my husband and I 
discovered a new favorite that 
I’ll share as well. 

Bluffton is a quaint little town
right near Hilton Head that's finally blooming again
with so much revitalization of their old main street and
surrounding Old Town.

We fell in love with its charming
southern architecture and with
the friendly people walking in town 
or driving in their little golf carts.

Stay tuned for more on Bluffton too!

We did spend most of our time in Hilton Head
visiting with east coast friends and new neighbors.

You know me and how I love some good curb appeal! 
I have some pretty houses to share 
and even a few cute photos of newly 
hatched sea turtles on the beach…

probably the cutest little creatures
I’ve ever seen! 

Check back soon!


ciao! fabiana


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