September 22, 2017

it's pumpkin season

so in my book,
this marks the official start of
 pumpkin season!

Let’s decorate to our hearts delight
with these happy orange gourds.

Place a few on the front porch and
a few small ones on a side table...

dress them up with spanish moss and spooky little owls.

Feature a few on the mantle,
or how about a whole mess of them
 spilling out of the fireplace?

Linus Van Pelt was right,
pumpkins are a sign of sincerity.

They’re the most honest,
natural symbol of Autumn,
and their cheery colors and fun shapes
are sure to bring a smile to your face!

with your favorite succulents
is one of the best ideas yet!

Everything deserves a little 
pumpkin face this time of year!

I will have to get busy making some
jack-o-lantern faced empanandas,
using my mother’s secret recipe of course –

Actually, it’s not so secret,
and I’ll share it one of these days,
if you’re interested  ; )

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:

1. Martha Stewart
2. Roger's Gardens
3. Good Housekeeping
4. Martha Stewart
5. Sunset Magazine
6. Roger's Gardens

1 comment:

  1. Where did the summer go? It passed me by too quickly this year. I was shocked to see pumpkins in the grocery store today so I guess I'll have to get with the program. Your post has given me a little boost of Fall inspiration. I too love empanadas, but I make them using my Spanish grandmother's recipe. I wonder how different it is from your recipe. You will indeed have to publish it soon. HAPPY FALL!


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