September 15, 2017

the paris market in savannah

The Paris Market & Brocante…

the name alone provides me
with plenty of intrigue.

And, they’re one of my favorite
profiles on instagram,
their feed is filled with pretty gifts, decor and

a lot of shots of their yummy coffee being served alfresco...

so when I got the chance to visit
Savannah this summer,
the Paris Market was at the top of my list!!

And it all starts out here
with their pretty curb appeal!

Their café is filled with yummy treats 
and the aroma of rich coffee.

Inside, the Paris Market is equally as charming,

and the indoor seating is perfect for a rainy day.

I stocked up on candles and soap while I was there,

and even found a really cute pair of earrings,
since I forgot to pack any for the trip!

So, I had no idea there was more to see downstairs…

The vibe downstairs was totally different.
Beautiful vignettes are set up in
he whole basement level.

It kind of reminded me of Anthropologie, but better!

The crusty old walls, exposed beams 

and brick floors are real remnants of the past

and the beauty of the old architecture
shines through the displays and décor.

The concept of the store is
an ever changing museum installation
with items you can take home! 

There's a stunning display around every corner...

What could be better than that?

Aren’t these cocktail glasses sweet?

Next year,
the Paris Market will once again
be at the top of my list for 
places to visit in 

And I know my husband will come with me again.
He was also really impressed with it!

Ahh, I can’t get enough of the pretty curb appeal of this place!

If you're planning a visit,
the address for 
the Paris Market is

36 West Broughton Street
at the corner of Whitaker Street.

ciao! fabiana

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