October 6, 2018

halloween 2018 at roger's gardens

Every year Roger’s Gardens goes all out and creates a spectacular Halloween experience for all their visitors, and this year’s no different! In fact this is probably my all-time favorite theme that they’ve done…

Harry Potter!

“Wander the corridors of a most magical school where witches and wizards learn their craft. Prospective students are invited to tour the castle.”

“Explore the Headmaster’s Study, a room filled with curiosities and antiquities.”

"Students wishing to learn about the magical properties of plants can visit the Greenhouse Conservatory where rare and unusual specimens are cultivated.”

Each of the many rooms in this “castle” is brimming with enchanted objects and décor to fill your home and imagination with the spirit of Halloween.

“Who knows what mythical creatures are lurking in the cabinets."

"Discover where novice witches and wizards study in the Potions classroom, be sure not to tamper with their mysterious experiments.”

There’s still time to visit Roger’s Gardens during the next few weeks to experience this fun Halloween display for yourself.

These rooms are so inspirational! 

I love to take my favorite elements like pumpkins, owls and
 candlesticks and mix them in with my traditional decor.

Do you have a favorite decorating theme for Halloween?

 ciao! fabiana

Quotes courtesy of Roger’s Gardens.

October 5, 2018

a simple fall mantel

Here we are in the first week of October, and I’m just now beginning to add a bit of fall to the family room.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind couple of weeks where I’ve been working on some seasonal projects for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so I’m just getting to my own personal fall décor today.

It’s just a start, as I will add more Halloween accents soon… so for today here’s just a peek.

I don't think I bought any orange pumpkins yet this year, since there are so many other pretty colors to choose from that tie in nicely with the blue tones in my home.

You may recognize this portrait of my husband's great grandmother from a previous post. Her name is Nellie, and I love how she watches over us each day!    

I think these soft grey succulents look so pretty in these vintage silver cups, and a bit of Spanish moss softens the look even more.

The pumpkins are real, but I do have a confession to make. The succulents are all faux. I found them at World Market recently.

These air plants are faux as well. I love how they look so real, and their spidery quality makes them perfect for Halloween.

So, we're keeping it simple this week with just a few pastel pumpkins and some spooky succulents.   

ciao! fabiana

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