November 16, 2020

looking forward to thanksgiving 2020

Here we are in the middle of November, and almost at the end of the year. And what a year it’s been! I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving, as I always do. We do have a few family members that will not be able to attend, and that’s a disappointment, for sure. 


So far, I’ve spent November working on editorial projects for 2021, organizing my tableware and sifting through my collections. In fact, I’ve been listing a few new items on the Ebay Blog Shop. You can check it out here 


I’ve acquired a few new pieces of furniture for the living room, including a vintage French Bergere chair, conveniently upholstered in a pretty white fabric and a pair of hand-made benches (made by my friend Dennis) that I’ve stacked on top of each other. The benches are a great place for my books and a few other favorite items. 


I’ll show them to you soon! I promise... 


In the meantime, my focus is on Thanksgiving! 

For inspiration today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Thanksgiving tables from previous years. They’re filled with fun transferware turkey plates, white pumpkins, amber glassware and other vintage finds. 


This year, I may pair things down a bit. I’m thinking more of a white palette. But you never know how things will turn out around here. I usually throw in something quirky or whimsical to finish off the table settings. 


Pumpkin pie is always on the menu for Thanksgiving. I love roasting my own pumpkins early in the week, and filling the house with those delightful fall flavors and scents. Not only that, but the pies turn out truly delicious! It’s really not that hard. 


This is the menu I made up several years ago, and we basically stick to the same dishes every year. That’s the way we roll, and everyone’s usually pleased. 


I hope you all have a lovely week. Next week will be busy with holiday preparations, but I’ll check in soon with the latest. I’d love to hear your thanksgiving plans too...  


ciao! fabiana 


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