May 23, 2021

beautiful flowers and a cover shot

Flowers are a huge part of my life simply because they bring me so much joy! 💐 I haven't shared this yet with all of you, so I wanted to give you a little inside scoop.

This shot was created especially for Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine as part of an article on collecting vintage pitchers, and ended up being the cover shot of the summer 2021 issue. I had no idea it would be on the cover, but WOW, what a wonderful surprise when I first saw previews of this issue on Instagram. I was literally speechless!

With all the ups and downs of the past year, this little picture was really special for me, and I’m truly so grateful for this moment in time. 

Here's a shot that's styled without the peaches 🍑 🍑🍑, but the peaches made it on the cover. They're so quintessentially summer, don't you think? My next door neighbors have a peach tree, and every summer they share their juicy peaches with us. Peach pie is a favorite to make, but they're also so good in a salad or smoothie. 



Also included in this issue, is a close up of this tablescape I put together highlighting a few of my vintage coffee tins filled with lovely flowers.


DIY Sections are always my favorites!

The final published image of this table setting is a really tight shot, so you can really check out all the details. I've been collecting these vintage food tins for a couple of years now. I just love the graphic style and colors of these cans and tins, and they do work well on a table for a punch of color. 

Also included in this issue is an easy and delicious recipe for a Grilled Peach Spinach Salad I whipped up. I hope you'll get to try it this summer, because it's really so yummy! 

Wishing you a lovely Sunday afternoon.

ciao! fabiana 


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