February 15, 2012

sweet hearts

The heart shape is symbolic of emotions
including love, affection and
especially romantic love.

The familiar heart shape became popular in
Europe during the 16th century,
and has been popular ever since.

Hearts are even used as the symbols for health
in video games like
The Legend of Zelda and
Super Mario Bros.

In 1977, the heart symbol
started bring used as a verb
when p.r. for the state of NY
introduced the phrase
"I ♥ NY".

ciao! fabiana

February 13, 2012

valentine decor

A little red and white
with some pink thrown in the mix…

Hearts and flowers,
x’s and o’s,
sprinkle them around the house
for a little reminder of

The heart shape is symbolic of emotions

Valentine's Day is
 known as "el día de los enamorados",
the day for lovers.

ciao! fabiana


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photos: pinterest  

February 12, 2012

my funny little vintage valentine

Sweet little vintage valentines,
who remembers giving these away
during elementary school?

Some of these are really vintage,
and really a little strange,

A little red and white
x’s and o’s, such a sweet
reminder of St. Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy these silly little
funny valentines! 

ciao! fabiana


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