April 28, 2018

cement style tile stencil project

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week… a cement tile look for a lot less! I created this custom Santa Ana tile look for the entrance to my shed for under $25. All you need is a fabulous stencil and a little black paint.

When we moved to our home 20 years ago,
we were fortunate enough to have a custom garden
 shed on our property, in addition to a nice pool house.

Over the years these two little buildings have gone through lots of transformations as our kids grew
and our needs changed…

and as I’ve mentioned before,
I’ve recently cleaned out and claimed
the shed as my own domain!

A useful she shed

to hold all my extra blogging and gardening supplies.

I have so many plans for this little shed,
and I’ve been spending all my free time
out here in the garden.

The next big project will be to replace
these old doors with a new kind of fancy door 
with glass that I’ve been holding on to.

It'll be painted black with two sidelights 
for extra light inside the shed...

so with that whole vision, 
I also wanted the look of cement tile for the entry.

I found an easy, quick and inexpensive solution 
for me to get this look with just the perfect stencil.

All I needed was the right kind of patio paint and
this whole look was completed in about three hours.

I do plan on sealing it today,
but let me know what you think of this look!

 ciao! fabiana

Here are the three simple and inexpensive things
I used to create this look, and
they’re all available on Amazon!

I got the MEDIUM size stencil.

My project used two containers of this paint.

Stencil brushes available on Amazon.

April 26, 2018

beverly hills lifestyle

How many of us watch the

I do, I do!

I’ve been watching since the beginning

and it’s especially fun for me to see all the
amazing parties they host and attend,
and also to get a glimpse inside their fancy homes

With Lisa Vanderpump now the editor in chief of
Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, we get another little peek at the Real Housewives

drama and other stuff!

For example, here are the photos of Dorit that caused a little controversy with the women. Dorit was doing Lisa a favor by modeling Lisa’s jewelry for a photo shoot. Well, when Dorit complained about how she looked in the pics, and then Lisa went ahead a published them anyways, with the simple solution of cropping Dorit’s head off!!

Take a look…

What do you think about the

“off with her head” ploy?

Back to the magazine…

it has some interesting content
like Lisa’s pick for holiday gifts.

Simply a pink Chanel luggage set!


(photographed at Lisa's house, of course! )

And look who else graces the pages of BHL…

with his holiday guide to fun destinations in So Cal. 

But best of all,
we get a really nice look inside Lisa’s own home,
which she calls Villa Rosa.

As Lisa's party planner, Kevin Lee always says…


 ciao! fabiana

April 23, 2018

monday musings

Over in England, they celebrate St. George’s Day on April 23rd, but the UK and the world were in for another special treat today! The birth of another royal baby


Yes, Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child, a second baby boy, into the world. So far the baby’s name hasn’t been announced yet.

And a little shout-out to my son Morgan who also celebrates his birthday today!   

Isn't it lovely how Kate Middleton pays homage to her mother-in-law the late Princess Diana with her choices in post-birth fashion?

Around here, the Sherman Library & Garden hosted their annual garden walk and tour this past weekend. Here’s a little peek at my friend Marion’s lovely garden that was on the tour.

Marion’s garden has so much charm!

It's inspired me to keep working in my garden, 
planting and beautify it as much as possible!

I’m planting today and tomorrow.

I'm adding these amazing pinky-purple geraniums,
some ornamental cabbage,
more foxgloves and 


And a little more inspo

So when my garden is all zhushed up,
it’s such a treat to be able to go out and

This morning I acquired a new little
black wrought iron café set for next to nothing!

Actually, it was a free for the taking road-side find!!

 it will be ready to join the garden!

Also, I’d love it if you checked me out on
 instagram too, for all the latest here at

 ciao! fabiana


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