September 21, 2019

how to style lovely flowers in your home

I brought home these beautiful purple anemones from our photo shoot on Tuesday, and I set them in the corner of my breakfast room so they could capture the light from the window. 

Aren’t these the prettiest color? And I especially love them in this vintage blue vase I recently got. It was a thrifted treasure, of course, along with the taller vase in the background. We used that one filled with blue delphinium at the photo shoot, as well. 

It’s so important to match the right container to your flowers. Flowers like anemones or poppies need a vase that will highlight their delicate look.   

As you can see, we used these purple beauties in a couple of different shots, one outside and one inside. 

And here at my house, the bright sunshine really brings out the vibrant purple hue. 

Let the flowers inspire you to pick a unique container for your arrangement. Look in your cupboards for a favorite vase, tall glass or even something like a vintage spice tin 

When arranging taller, upright flowers like these hyacinths and stock, a wider and taller vase works nicely. Also keep in mind the color of your vase and whether you use glass or something opaque.  

These chartreuse colored hellebores were picked from my garden and plunked right into an eye-catching chevron patterned vase. I usually like to arrange the flowers in my hand first, and them trim the stems.  

Pretty claret colored mums accented with soft peachy spray roses set the tone for this fresh and pretty fall table 

This arrangement is simply gathered together with some seeded eucalyptus and then nestled into a vintage white pitcher. So easy to pull off! 

As you may have read on Thursday, using pitchers is one of my favorite ways to make flowers look beautiful. This is a beautiful look for any table.  

I found this vintage galvanized bucket last year at the Tustin Flea Market and the best solution for this arrangement was to use a potted hydrangea. That way it stays fresh longer and I can then plant it in my garden. 

Sunflowers are a bit tricky to style. They’re so top-heavy that a taller vase or pitcher works better for them. For this look, I use an old-fashioned spiky metal flower frog at the bottom of the pitcher to hold all the stems in place.

I started with the eucalyptus first and added the sunflowers next for this specific arrangement.

Hydrangeas are great, firstly because they’re so beautiful and secondly, you only need two or three stems to make an arrangement like this for the table. Flowers set the tone for a gorgeous tablescape.

This vintage blue and white transferware pitcher was just screaming for pretty pastel blue hydrangeas to fill it! Don't you think the colors work well together?    


September 20, 2019

fall mantel inspiration

With the first day of Autumn arriving on Monday, I’ve got to get my act together and start adding fall touches to the family room mantel, which is the focal point of that room and the kitchen. 

While searching through pictures on pinterest, I’ve decided to go with a soft palette like I did last year, as you can see in the photo above.  

These soft colored pumpkins are my favorites, and mesh so easily with the mostly blue and white décor in my home. 

Here's some pinterest inspiration that caught my eye...

photo: pinterest

photo: French Country Cottage

photo: Blue Door Living

photo: Sincerely, Marie designs

photo: So Much Better with Age

photo: Liz Marie Blog

Check out Liz Marie’s new book “Cozy White Cottage” here. 

photo: Modern Glam

The pretty woman in this portrait is my husband’s great grandmother, Nellie,and I’m so excited that she will be making her magazine debut in about a month in the December issue of Cottages and Bungalows. 

Our home was photographed last Christmas, so you’ll see this same mantel styled for the winter holiday. I believe this portrait was painted around 1905, which reminds me a little bit of the fashion in the first season of Downton Abbey. 

And speaking of Downton Abbey, the movie is out today! Are any of you going to see it this weekend? I’m planning on it.    


September 19, 2019

fall flowers and vintage pitchers

I actually photographed this a year ago and submitted the whole story for them to run on Romantic Homes, but sadly that magazine is no longer being printed, so they saved this article for this fall to run on the C&B website! 

It’s all about collecting pitchers, and I styled a few different autumn floral looks to go with the story.    

This yellow rose vignette is an “extra” that’s not featured on C&B. 

And these coral colored roses are also an “extra”. 

You can read the whole article here and learn about my favorite kinds of pitchers and where to find them. For example, a simple white pitcher is so classic and you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have a whole cabinet full of them! 

Do you ever use pitchers to hold your fresh-cut flowers? 

Flea Market Décor magazine is also running a few of my stories. You can read about collecting vintage china HERE and see my elegant Halloween table HERE.   

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a review and photos of Liz Marie Galvin's new book called "Cozy White Cottage".  

ciao! fabiana 


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