September 20, 2019

fall mantel inspiration

With the first day of Autumn arriving on Monday, I’ve got to get my act together and start adding fall touches to the family room mantel, which is the focal point of that room and the kitchen. 

While searching through pictures on pinterest, I’ve decided to go with a soft palette like I did last year, as you can see in the photo above.  

These soft colored pumpkins are my favorites, and mesh so easily with the mostly blue and white décor in my home. 

Here's some pinterest inspiration that caught my eye...

photo: pinterest

photo: French Country Cottage

photo: Blue Door Living

photo: Sincerely, Marie designs

photo: So Much Better with Age

photo: Liz Marie Blog

Check out Liz Marie’s new book “Cozy White Cottage” here. 

photo: Modern Glam

The pretty woman in this portrait is my husband’s great grandmother, Nellie,and I’m so excited that she will be making her magazine debut in about a month in the December issue of Cottages and Bungalows. 

Our home was photographed last Christmas, so you’ll see this same mantel styled for the winter holiday. I believe this portrait was painted around 1905, which reminds me a little bit of the fashion in the first season of Downton Abbey. 

And speaking of Downton Abbey, the movie is out today! Are any of you going to see it this weekend? I’m planning on it.    


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