September 19, 2019

fall flowers and vintage pitchers

I actually photographed this a year ago and submitted the whole story for them to run on Romantic Homes, but sadly that magazine is no longer being printed, so they saved this article for this fall to run on the C&B website! 

It’s all about collecting pitchers, and I styled a few different autumn floral looks to go with the story.    

This yellow rose vignette is an “extra” that’s not featured on C&B. 

And these coral colored roses are also an “extra”. 

You can read the whole article here and learn about my favorite kinds of pitchers and where to find them. For example, a simple white pitcher is so classic and you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I have a whole cabinet full of them! 

Do you ever use pitchers to hold your fresh-cut flowers? 

Flea Market D├ęcor magazine is also running a few of my stories. You can read about collecting vintage china HERE and see my elegant Halloween table HERE.   

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a review and photos of Liz Marie Galvin's new book called "Cozy White Cottage".  

ciao! fabiana 

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