September 26, 2019

a brand new look for fall

Pumpkins and yellow roses for the table... a little bit of a different color palette for me, but it is fall, after all! The inspiration for this table came from these pretty hand-blocked table linens from Pacific & Rose. 

This pattern is called Olivia Marigold, and I think it would be so be so perfect to use for Thanksgiving. Don’t you? The colors are so perfect! 

With the pattern being so bold, white plates are the way to go. I used a natural cowrie shell napkin ring as a contrast to the Olivia napkins. A neutral pumpkin plate adds to the festive season as does the centerpiece.

For this look, I took a wood cake pedestal and simply layered a few fall leaves on the base, filled it with small pumpkins and a few votive candles 

Then I just filled in the empty spaces with small yellow spray roses form Trader Joe’s and a few cuttings of Nandina from my garden. 

It’s similar to this look here that I did a few Halloweens ago 

HELLO PUMPKIN and Hello FallIsn't it funny how you sometimes forget what you bought last year at this time? I was pleasantly surprised to find this pillow in among my autumn stuff. 

Fall's my favorite season of all! I get to look forward to my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all those cozy moments in between! 

What’s your favorite part of autumn? 



Catherine said...

Thank you for another great post Fabiana, here in Europe Thanksgiving isn't celebrated of course and so I'm often in great need of some decorating ideas and I absolutely love your use of flowers combined with the small pumkins! Going to use that for sure! Love the pillow with the inscription also!

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thank you, Catherine. Have a lovely weekend.


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