September 7, 2019

saturday inspiration for fall

Coastal tablescape inspiration 

The next big project I have is a little over a week away, so I’m already working on inspiration for that tablescape. I’ll be back at Blue Door Cottage for a magazine photo shoot and already have a bit of a theme going there, which is totally coastal!

Of course, I've already done a tablescape for a dinner party at this adorable little cottage with rented tableware, but this time, I'm bringing some of my favorite pieces to set the table and to style a few other vignettes.

Imagine some of the pieces from this table setting, pictured above, but with a little bit of cobalt blue thrown in for fun!

Tablescape from Blue Door Cottage in July

Speaking of blue, I do like to sneak in a little blue in my fall d├ęcor. Have you all been decorating for fall yet? I’m slowly getting there, and as soon as I start bringing home some pretty pumpkins, it’ll definitely feel like fall around here. 

Here are some favorite fall snapshots from last year...  

Sunflowers are so perfect for this time of year! 

And decorating with a basket full of apples is not only pretty but so practical too! Need a healthy snack? Grab an apple or two! 

Plaid throws are near the top of the list for fall essentials, and of course I love to use them with the fringe draping off the top of the table. It’s such a cozy look for fall.  

Elevate those pumpkins with simple candle holders or cake pedestals. I want my beautiful pumpkins front and center! 

This pretty fall table appears in the super fabulous new book Cozy White Cottage by blogger Liz Marie Galvin. Do you follow her blog? I’ve been a fan of hers for a really long time. 

Liz Marie Galvin

The Cozy White Cottage book officially comes out on September 24th, but I received an advanced copy to review, and I can tell you it’s filled with tons of inspiration and lots and lots of decorating advice. It's now available for pre-order.

In the book, Liz Marie shares "100 ways to love the feeling of being at home." If you love cozy, you'll love this book! I’m going to do a formal book review of it in about ten days or so with lots more details and photos. 

I hope your weekend is inspirational! This past week has been really hot here in So Cal, so it's been slow getting our fall stuff rounded up, but this is the perfect weekend for that, and I can't wait to bring it all out!

ciao! fabiana 

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  1. I am one of those who holds out for summer till October 1st. But I love all your tables, especially the blue and white. Thanks for your post.


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